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The name of this assignment service sounds really good to students. Why? Because getting a paper when you most need it is one thing, but getting it at an affordable price is much better. However, there’s more to be discovered about a service than its pricing, which is why we based our review of affordablepapers on all the relevant features like pricing, services, quality, and reputation.

Our first impressions with the company were mixed. We read some good and some bad feedback, found some flaws in their impressive design, but were also positively surprised by their many offers. All of this prompted us to keep looking into the service, which eventually led to our writing of this review.

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Is reliable? What Services Do They Provide?

We went through many comments about the company. Some of them are bad and some are good, but the bottom line is, this is a legit service toorder essay from. They seem to deliver content to everyone who orders and have a secure payment system. On top of it all, their service list is rather satisfactory.

Even though we evaluated their service list as very extensive, it’s hard to get to it. You have to use the order form to get this information, which isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when there’s actually a ‘services’ page. So, the company needs some website changes, especially in this sense.

Speaking of services, what they offer is a grand variety of different types of written content. They have essays, case studies, dissertations, term and research papers, article reviews and reports, speeches, presentations, lab reports, etc. You’ll find plenty of choices for papers and services at Affordable Papers, which is a very good advantage if you like them and choose to order from the website often.

What Prices Do They Have?

The first thing that convinces students that this is an affordable service is their minimal quote of $9. But, you can’t really know what this applies to because they have a calculator instead of a list of prices. When we used the calculator, we found a minimal quote of $11 per page for essays of high school level. This is still very affordable and we’d rate it as quite cheap, even without discounts. Even so, we didn’t find that quote they promised, which can be misleading and a bit frustrating.

We did mention that there aren’t discounts and that’s the actual case here. Instead of using discounts to attract more customers and keep their loyal customers happy, the company decided to eliminate the chance of getting a discount altogether. This sounds unreal, but it’s true.

In their words, they don’t have discounts because they’ve decided to make the prices low for everyone, so there’s no need for discounts. Even so, it’s a bad strategy in terms of loyal customers seeing how most companies have something to offer to you when you order often on their website.

Regardless, their rates remain very low, which is still a big plus.

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How Long Does the Writing Service Exist? Information on Feedback

The date provided on the website is 2005 (2006 in fact). It is said that the company works for over a decade. But, the feedback we read about it goes back a few years, which makes us doubt this. Still, there’s plenty of feedback you can read to learn more about the service. The feedback is very varied and can confuse any student, but it will definitely teach you of the benefits and flaws of the company.

There are few mentions of missed deadlines and many complaints about the so-called money back guarantee. This is obviously a non-existent offer and a false promise. Some speak poorly of the lack of discounts, but most are very happy with the price and say that it’s what pulled them in and made them order. Even so, not all students are happy with the provided quality and in many cases, the company does nothing to fix the issues and make their customers happy. This means that if you order, you are bound to enjoy a great quote and solid odds of good service, but are still looking at a risky order.

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Our Experience

To see how this would go when you order, we did this on the website. We got ourselves a term paper, a short one within a deadline of only few days. The service did perfectly with the deadline and the support acted really fast when we asked for some ordering help. But, we weren’t really happy with the content quality. Even though it originally came at a low rate, it needed plenty of changes and improvements. We had to send it back a couple of times and the revision process is very slow, which would cause you many delays if you have an actual deadline to meet.

We’d rate their quality of service and papers as average. The paper wasn’t extremely bad as it is the case with many cheap companies, but it was far from what the website promises it would be. The support is friendly and responds fast, but it processes revision requests too slowly to actually be of help to the student. All in all, it’s not something we can recommend without a second thought. The quality isn’t guaranteed here, but their prices are definitely attractive.

Conclusion did not lie in their name – this is an affordable company. They lack discounts, which is not great news for most students. However, their prices remain lower than most on the market, which is attractive. In terms of quality, the service did not meet all our expectations, but it delivered somewhat of an average service. The feedback is also split in terms of quality and experiences. Some students speak of bad experiences while others speak well of the service. The bottom line is, you can try the company, but we definitely can’t say that it’s a very safe or a great choice. There are still some companies that a far more secure and highly rated than this company.

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