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Bidding for papers sounds attractive. But, at first sight, the website made us think that students are a little too involved in the process. Not only do you have to choose a writer, but the company says to include you in the writing process itself. They claim that students ‘solve all questions and give instructions’ even after they choose a writer. Seeing how most students hire an assignment writing service because they don’t have the time or answers to writing their own essays, it sounded like too much work.

Even so, the research of bid4papers gave us different results. Despite these statements on the website that put the student in a very difficult position and take away a lot of his time, we didn’t have that kind of experience when we ordered. Keep reading to learn what happened.

bid4papers review

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Is Reliable? What Services Do They Provide?

Your first question about bid 4 papers probably is: is it reliable? There are many things that make a company reliable. First of all, it has to provide a service in return for money. This one does it. When you order essay from the website, you can expect to receive one.

Secondly, has a secure system for ordering and payment since there aren’t any complaints about this. This also makes it a reliable company. And finally, they have many services you can get by investing some money.

However, whether they do this all well or not is yet to be discussed.

In terms of their services, the company has an unlimited list of choices. You don’t really get to choose from an unlimited list, but you can basically select an option ‘other’ and ask writers to bid on anything. There’s no guarantee that someone will bid, but still, you aren’t limited in terms of what you can order.

This is both positive and negative. If there’s a chance that no one will bid, it means that they don’t guarantee any paper. But, seeing how the company always has bidders, and many of them, this is very unlikely to happen.

What Prices Do They Have?

You’ll see two prices when you open the price page, but will soon discover that these are just examples. The actual prices will vary from one order to another, as well as to the writers who choose to bid on it. Even though the example of a bid is for two pages of an essay and costs $35, we got bids that were three times lower than this one and some that were much higher.

Basically, they don’t have prices we can share with you. You’d have to wait for bidders to see what kind of price you’ll get but the good thing is, you are the one to choose what you’ll pay. Unlike companies with fixed rates, this one gives students more flexibility to choose. But, it also gives them plenty of responsibility because choosing a writer isn’t easy or fast.

This, unfortunately, also eliminates your shot at a discount. You won’t get discounts here or with any other bidding company since there aren’t prices to add those discounts to. Still, seeing how cheap this company can be, you’ll probably get a better quote here than with some expensive websites with discount programs.

You can check prices here:

How Long Does the Writing Service Exist? What’s the Feedback Like?

The low bids would be irrelevant unless the company is good. The truth is, we aren’t at all convinced that the company is as good as they promise, though we can’t rate it as really bad. The service exists for a couple of years at this point (check the screenshot below). Based on the feedback we’ve read, they have had plenty of customers and have a truly varied feedback. Customers spoke of good and bad experiences. details

For example, we read a lot about customers who spent hours going through the writer’s list to finally get a paper that wasn’t as good as the promised. There are others who chose the cheapest bidder and were very disappointed. But, there are also some who enjoy the prices and don’t care much about the quality, or those who like the papers they receive and don’t mind the lack of discounts.

In other words, the feedback online comes to a neutral point. This is why we proceeded to order to be able to share our real experience with you in this review.

Our Experience

Based on what happened to us, we can’t really praise this service for their work. They exaggerate the task of a student a bit, but it’s still quite a lot that you need to do to order. You have to add all requirements, choose a writer, discuss the paper with him, and spend time reading through bidders’ profiles. It’s a big responsibility, but the prices they bid with on our order were extremely attractive.

We expected to get into a discussion about the paper with the writer, but we didn’t get a single question about it. So, we weren’t as included in this as we expected, which saved some time for us. Because of it, we thought that the writer knew everything and understood our requirements. However, when we received the paper, we understood that he simply didn’t bother to discuss the instructions with us and as a result, the paper needed plenty of editing.

We sent it back for editing, but didn’t get one for over a week. When they finally reached out with a revision approval, it was too late.


The content at this website isn’t all that bad, but the company is not what they claim to be. The bidding system here is very attractive and provides amazing rates, but the feedback is so varied, it puts customers at a big risk of choosing a bad writer. And since the support doesn’t act all that fast, you’d be waiting a lot for a revision. Even so, the support is responsive and the company is legit.

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