How to Write A Movie Review Essay

When it comes to essays, the trick to getting the best marks possible is by paying close attention to what is required from the specific subject about which you are writing. It’s fair to say that one of the more enjoyable types of essay to write is a movie review because you get to consume an interesting piece of entertainment along the way. When thinking about a movie review essay format, there are definitely a few key areas that need to be covered every single time, along with a handful of must-do tasks in order to prepare yourself as best you can for the work ahead. If you have been set the assignment to write movie reviews, then you have come to the right place for the best tips and pieces of advice. Here are some of the most essential things to remember when writing a movie review essay.

How to write a movie review essay

Watch the Film!

It might sound like the most obvious piece of advice in the world, but you would be surprised by just how many people try to get away with writing a movie review essay format without ever having actually seen the film in question. In order to make your review read and sound as authentic and authoritative as possible, you really need to dedicate the time to watching it rather than heading online to read a brief written synopsis. Trying to write in the movie review essay format when you haven’t seen the picture yourself means that all of your opinions are going to be recycled ones, not your own, and this can really affect your final marks. It is only going to take up two or three hours of your time, so make the effort to sit down with a notepad and watch, making sure to write down your thoughts as you go to keep them fresh.

Do the Research

This isn’t necessarily something that is exclusive to the movie review essay format, but it really pays off to do external research to flesh out your writing. Don’t just watch the film and comment on what you see on screen, make sure to find out the name of the director, the names of the actors involved and any other information that might come in handy when putting together an analytical essay. If the film is based on a true story or historical event, it is always wise to give yourself a brief education on the real like elements so that you can make appropriate comments and comparisons in your essay. This is the kind of thing that is executed really well by the writers at our legit assignment writing service, who can provide customers with a sample movie review essay that showcases exactly what a top quality piece of work looks like.

Be Original

As much as you can, try to be original with the thoughts that you have about the film. You won’t have been the first person to write about it and you definitely won’t be the last, so the trick to making a big impact with a sample movie review essay is trying to stamp some of your own originality on to the essay. Think about what the general consensus of the movie seems to be and try to come up with talking points that add something new to the discourse rather than just echoing what has already been said. There is a reason why the most controversial and different reviews are usually the ones that receive the most interest and attention.

Discover References

The world of film and cinema is one that is full of references and homages to the past. It is very likely that any film you watch today will have hints and nods to films that might have inspired the screenwriter or director, and it is these kinds of discoveries that can make for really interesting reviews essays. The more references you can pull and make the reader aware of, the richer your analysis will be. Having a deeper knowledge of film, in general, is always going to stand you in better stead of getting a high mark for your essay. Showing that you have watched the film is one thing but showing that you can engage in a much wider cinematic discussion with the film as your starting point is something altogether more impressive.

Ultimately, it is all about watching the movie, doing the background research and making sure that you bring in as many critical references as possible, all whilst maintaining the highest possible standards of spelling and grammar.

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