How to Write an Essay Quickly: Practical Guide

There are plenty of reasons you should learn how to write an essay quickly. People think you should only learn how to write quickly if you want to hurriedly hash out essays, but that is not the case. The real reason is that it helps fight against repetitive-routine depression. This is a state where somebody does the same thing each week to the point where they burn out or lose all enthusiasm for their study. Suddenly, an essay goes from an academic exercise to painful and torturous essay writing experience. Learning how to write an essay quickly helps you overcome this form of temporary depression. Once the essay is completed, your depressive inclinations go away, which frees you up to go back and make your essay a top scorer. In this article, you will learn how to write quickly.

How to Write an Essay Quickly

How to Write an Essay Quickly

Create a bullet-point plan. If you were taking your time, then you may write a very large and powerful plan that helps guide you through the writing process. However, you are learning how to write quickly, so a bullet-point plan is all that is needed.

The bullet points make up the points you wish to make in your essay. For example, if you were writing about the benefits of capitalism, then each bullet point may look something like:

• Capitalism lifts people out of poverty, src – txtbook chapter 3, src – journal 112 pg. 33
• Inspires new developments and technology src – TV documentary src – website URL
• Rewards people for creating src – CNBC news website URL, src – Economics book pg. 15
• Scammers have to work harder to continue existing src – journal AT2 pg. 554
• Do not have to trust a government in order to prosper src – txtbook pg.22

Don’t worry too much about the details and writing the sources correctly. The plan is only there to help remind you of what you wish to write and to offer a few sources for you to double-check what you write before you write it. It is there to stop writer’s block because if writer’s block hits, then you simply go back to your plan and start the next bullet point.

How to Write a Paper Quickly

The key to learning how to quickly write an essay is learning how to hash out text quickly without worrying about spelling, grammar, or making sense.

If you want to know how to write a paper quickly, you need to let go of your urge to go back and fix the wiggly red lines that your word processor puts under misspellings. You need to get into a flow and then do what you can to avoid dropping out of that flow. Find a rhythm and keep typing until you have nothing left in your head to write.

Some people think this isn’t a good way to learn how to quickly write an essay because it takes time having to go back and fix up the essay, but no matter how long you think it takes to fix up your essay, it takes far longer to write it.

Becoming distracted and falling out of your flow can result in you losing up to 25 minutes of productivity. That’s right, the Wall Street Journal reported that if you are writing and are distracted, it takes you up to 25 minutes to get back up to speed. Fixing up your essay after the fact may feel laborious, but this method is the best way to learn how to write an essay quickly.

The Conclusion Hack

Over the years, our assignment writing service has produced thousands of original essays for students, and their writers are some of the most highly experienced essay writers on the planet. Imagine how good you would be at essays if you wrote them every week of the working year. Their writers have a neat trick where you write a short conclusion line under every paragraph.

After you finish writing a paragraph, add a line in red underneath it. Summarise the point, or create a conclusion point if possible. It has to sum up the paragraph so that you understand it without having to go into detail.

Once you reach the conclusion section, go back and cut out each red sentence and paste them in order in your conclusion section. Many times, you will be able to alter what you have pasted a little, and it will make up most of your conclusion. After that point, and you have to do is create the conclusion beginning and conclusion end.

The conclusion beginning is where you link your essay and your conclusion back to the hypothesis you wrote in your introduction. The conclusion end is where you make a decision on your essay, where you show that you have proved something, disproved something, or where you sit on the fence and say you cannot decide either way.

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