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The chances of getting a better grade increase when you edit your paper. In fact, to make it perfect, you need to edit all your writing several times. Even for the best out there, the first draft is never the best version.

That being said, effective editing isn’t at all simple. Students often get the feeling of relief once they go through the process of writing the actual paper, so much that they don’t recognize the importance and complexity of the editing that follows. So, they either end up submitting a paper that isn’t edited and costs them a grade, or they end up spending hours they hadn’t even planned for in the first place.

In the case that you are experiencing any of these issues, we have a simple solution to present you with – get editing from Assignmentholic.co.uk. We take grand pride in our editing work and turn a fine grade into a brilliant grade. Once we ensure that the wording and structure is as good as it could possibly be, you can submit the writing with ease of mind and get a high grade for it.

The Editing Process

Before you proceed to send us the paper for editing, we’d like to explain to you the process our editors go through when they work on your finished draft.

Rearranging the structure

Even with a great outline, your writing can stray and the structure can lack some organization. We edit your content with the help of our fresh look on it, something which often makes it impossible for you to spot the errors. With the experience our editors have, finding such errors is as easy as it gets, and we are masterful at creating the perfect shape of your arguments, as well as setting the right tone of your writing.

In this part of the process, we will make sure that each point follows logically from the one before it. Our task will be to check the introduction to make sure it isn’t too revealing and includes the key information. While doing so, we might be moving things around to ensure that the content structure is the most effective possible.

Trim down the sentences and paragraphs to the right size

In many cases, ideas are flowing rapidly and the student wants to present all his ideas in the writing as soon as possible. This leads to them creating long paragraphs and sentences, which can make it much harder for the reader to go through the paper or understand it.

Our task is to detect such sentences and reduce them to the right length. We usually aim to keep all sentences to a maximum of three segments or clauses, start new paragraphs where a paragraphs is too lengthy, and leave space in between ideas to ensure clarity.

Eliminate overly complicated wording

Your goal as a student writing a paper might be to sound as masterful with your wording as possible, and you will probably use thesaurus while doing this task. That is not wrong, but many times, trying to look intelligent and knowledgeable can result in wording that is too complicated. You can also mistake synonyms with different connotations, or use big words where the smaller ones fit much better.

The job of our editors is to find such instances and keep the language in check.

Search and eliminate repetitions

In any kind of writing, including academic writing, the author must avoid repeating himself. This is easy to do when writing, which is why the editing process is a necessity.

At this point, we will look out for repeated ideas and delete the repetitions that don’t add anything else to the content.

Spot typos, spelling and grammar errors

This is a very, very important part of the editing. Your spellcheck might have picked up some errors, but it is very likely that it missed some. We will search and eliminate all typos, as well as errors in spelling and grammar.

Eradicate the weasel words

Do you know what weasel words are? These are words that are unnecessary to the content, and the only thing they do is add to the word count. Such words do not belong in a quality academic paper, so we will make sure to remove everything that does not add to the meaning and the work.

Fix the formatting

Bad formatting can leave a very bad impression with the reader and ruin your chances at looking as a skilled academic regardless of the content quality. The appearance matters a lot, which is why we never neglect the formatting when in an editing mode. We will check the fonts, emphasis in form of italics or bold, the spacing between the lines, and some other points that add to the aesthetics of your paper.

How to Choose a Perfect Editing Service?

If you decided to get your content edited, you cannot randomly select a service and hope for the best. You need to make an informed decision, so you’ll rest assured that you’ll get your content flawless.

These tips will help you do that:

1. Choose a Serious Service with Good Reputation

This doesn’t necessarily mean you should go for the oldest and most expensive service. It just means that you need to choose a reliable one, which has proven its worth among the audience. Read reviews and testimonials. If you have a fellow student or writer who’s used editing services before, ask for a recommendation.

2. Do Your Research

Google may be your best friend, but you need to question him at this point. Yes; a Google search will result in a list of editing services you could try. Are they all good? No. You’ll see all kinds of clams that are not always being met.

So rely on your own instincts. How do these websites look and feel? Are they easy to use? Are there any safety standards being followed? What about the terms and conditions? Are they protective enough for the customers? What about the support? Are they non-stop available? Do they answer your questions?

3. Make Sure the Service Offers What You Need

What kind of content do you need to be edited? If it’s an academic paper, such as a dissertation, for example, not every team can handle it. Check the list of services to make sure you can get the exact type of service you need.
Can the writers meet the requirements of the particular citation style you request? That’s also an important point to consider.

4. Check the Price!

It’s important to get the finest quality of editing, but that doesn’t mean you’re willing to pay an unreasonable price, does it? Make sure the price works for you. Writing services often give discounts, so you can benefit from a really cost-effective offer.

5. Check the Guarantees!

The service must guarantee to protect your privacy and the originality of the content. They must not distribute your content in any way. This is content that you’ve written yourself, so you must protect it. You can’t share it with an unsafe service.

In addition, you deserve a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with the results an editing service delivers, you should get revisions or your money back.

It seems easy to hire an editing service only when you’re sure you chose the right one. Otherwise, you have to do your research.

Let Us Provide You with a Fully Polished Paper

A fully polished paper combines everything we mentioned above and more. On top of it all, we offer several other benefits to those who use our praised editing service, including:

  • Support agents’ help at any time and any day
  • Guaranteed delivery within the timeframe you set in your ordering form
  • A paper that fits the guidelines of your professor and your requirements
  • Low editing prices and discounts to those who use our company
  • Guarantee of privacy of your information and security during payment
  • Proper formatting and citing of your paper

These are just a couple of the things we offer, something which you can clearly see if you ask around and get informed on our reputation. The editing service at assignmentholic.co.uk is as promising and trustworthy as the writing service, and the combination of both makes us the perfect team to turn to when in trouble with your academic obligations.

Get editing services today and polish your paper into the best version possible. We will help you get a great grade and we will do this cheap and fast!

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