What Do You Know About Health Education in the UK?

Living in the United Kingdom is beneficial to citizens in a plethora of different social, economic, and cultural ways, but it’s fair to say that one of the crowning glories of British society is the NHS. The move to make health care and treatment free for all residents across the country is something that we should all be incredibly proud of and grateful for. Over the years as demand has increased and populations have risen, there has definitely been some strain on the National Health Service, but we can all agree that we would rather be with it than without it. Along with the direct services that are provided by the NHS like doctor’s surgeries and hospitals, there are also a number of task forces and programmes set up that run behind the scenes to help make a better and brighter society. One of these programmes happens to be Health Education England (HEE).

Health Education England (HEE) is an executive non-departmental public body of the government’s Department of Health. Its primary function is to provide national leadership and coordination effort for health education and training with the public health workforce in England. It has been in existence and operation since June of 2012, providing health education in the UK to make the country’s standards better all around. Let us take a closer look at some of the key functions of the Health Education England (HEE) programme.


Health Education England (HEE)

Health Education England (HEE) help to provide the necessary leadership that it takes to smoothly operate and succeed with a new education and training system. The larger the health care system becomes in the United Kingdom, the more involved and adaptive education health and care plan systems have to become, and HEE is on the front line and in charge of making sure that these standards can be met and sustained for years to come.

Skills and Behaviour

HEE does a lot of education health and care plan work to ensure that the total NHS workforce possesses the right skills, training and overall behavior that is expected of the national health care system. They make sure that care is available in the right numbers in order to provide excellent healthcare in the present, as well as driving improvements for the future.

Evolving with Change

It is clear to see that the demands on a public health care system in 2019 are not necessarily the same kinds of demands that were faced in its inception in the 1950s, and it is part of the job of HEE to recognize these changes and work on evolving the health care system to keep on fitting with the demands of the ever changing and ever growing demographic. HEE is also responsible for staying on top of a lot of the potential technological advancements in health care, exploring which options are suitable for mainstream use and which are still in the developmental stages, etc.

Increase Workforce Numbers

It is no secret that there is currently a severe need for more workers in the public health sector, and part of the latest HEE remit is to focus on encouraging more people to choose an NHS career path. The latest workforce plan revealed in 2015 states that the aim is to boost a 15% increase in nurses and doctors trained by the year 2020. This would result in an increase of over 21,000 qualified nurses, over 6000 hospital consultants and over 5000 GP doctors. In a country of millions, this might not seem like a large number, but in terms of relieving the overstretched burden for the workers that are already in the thick of it, those numbers are invaluable.

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