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Writing an essay is no easy task. Even though every type of essay has at its core the same structure, the way you present your topic, opinion, and back it up with arguments is important. Essays and papers aim to help you improve your writing and critical thinking skills, so only by constant practice, you can improve these skills.

However, most papers do not come with a given title, so many students find themselves in the position of looking for interesting economic topics. Choosing a topic is a challenging task you need to do, especially if you want to impress your teacher. You can find online many economics papers topics or macroeconomics essay topics, but which of them is the right one for your paper?

Here at AssignmentHolic, we need to deliver exceptional work on many topics, and one of them is economics. We learn a lot from the feedback we get from the students we collaborate with so that we can improve our skills and topic approach. We have selected a list of 70 economic topics that are so interesting they will surely help you impress your teacher. Use these free topics or order our essay writing service.

The internet abounds with articles, essays, and papers on the topics of economics. But most of them are boring, as the authors choose to present the topic in an unclear and structured way. Moreover, the topics they have chosen are not so interesting, so to make sure you impress your teacher, check these 70 economics topics.

Macroeconomics topics

  1. Which is the current state of a low-income economy country? Describe their geography, climate, population, history, economy, and all the events that led to their current state. What recommendations can you make based on these to support their development?
  2. What is the role of banks in the economy?
  3. How will cryptocurrencies change the economies of the countries?
  4. Think about the macroeconomy and analyze from its perspective the United States in 2007, when there was the Great Recession.
  5. What is the impact of homelessness on the economy of a country?
  6. Choose a country that has boomed economically in the past decade (for example, China or Japan). Analyze and present the factors that have led to their economic growth, the current state of their economy, inflation, and other demographics that are involved in this process.
  7. What role will China play in the world economy considering its recent tremendous economic growth?
  8. What is the effect of inflation, GDP, taxes, and consumption on the stock market in the United States? (you can choose any other country as well)
  9. What are the factors that have contributed to Greek’s crisis? Analyze and present them from a macroeconomic perspective.
  10. Discuss the importance and effects of macroeconomic variables on the economic growth of a country of your choice.
  11. Is the concept of “the invisible hand” still present in modern economics?
  12. Discuss the positive impact medical tourism has on the world economy.
  13. How the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the global economy? (you can also choose to focus on the economy of a specific country or region).
  14. Which of the macroeconomic variables could have the biggest impact on a selected industry?
  15. How is the oil price affecting the GDP of a country?
  16. Discuss from a macroeconomic perspective the inflation in the United States and the factors that are involved in this process.

Microeconomics topics

  1. Why is the price of different tropical or exotic fruits changing due to hazards?
  2. What is the impact green energy has on the economy?
  3. Discuss and analyze the elasticity of a specific product in your country. Take for example coffee or tobacco. Describe the demand, price elasticity, and supply.
  4. How is the process of supply and demand impacting the price of a product?
  5. What is the impact of drug cartels on the economy of Columbia?
  6. Which is the potential agricultural potential of Africa? You can take a look at other industries or domains as well.
  7. From a microeconomic approach, analyze the relationship between forests and food.
  8. Is it profitable to recycle a specific material? You can choose to focus on one of the following: glass, paper, metal, or plastic.
  9. Analyze the Coca-Cola brand from a microeconomic perspective.
  10. Describe and analyze the Matthew effect in microeconomics.
  11. What are the characteristics of the supply and demand domains? Which part is the best to be on?

Out-of-the-box economics topics

  1. What are the economics of pornography? What are the main factors that have contributed to the tremendous developments of this industry? Describe the supply and demand, and also other economic variables.
  2. Is happiness impacted by income? Describe the economics of happiness and take a look at the factors that contribute to the wellbeing of a person, especially the financial ones.
  3. Analyze the effects of marijuana legalization on Canada’s economy.
  4. Evaluate the impact financial incentives have on the motivational level of employees.
  5. What is the effect of housewives on the economy?
  6. Going a few decades back, analyze and evaluate the impact slavery had on the world economy.
  7. You can also select a country of your choice, for example, the United States or Great Britain.
  8. Evaluate how online shopping is changing the economy of a country.
  9. Why has Switzerland become one of the richest countries? Evaluate its economic growth and identify the key factors that have supported its development.
  10. Analyze the wine industry in your country and focus on supply, demand, and price inflation.
  11. Watch the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and evaluate and analyze it from an economic perspective. Present examples from the movie to support your point of view.
  12. What is the philosophy of economics and its main principles?

Facile economics topics

  1. Why is it important to understand and be aware of the main economic phases in a country’s history?
  2. Describe the ideal monetary system.
  3. What are the principles of economics and the questions they address?
  4. Why are fewer and fewer women who are majoring in economics?
  5. Evaluate the role governments have in the economies of the countries.
  6. Discuss how the decisions of a country affect the global economy (for example, Brexit).
  7. Present five of the best companies you should invest in the stock market now and why (you need to do your research on this and get updated with the latest stock market changes).
  8. Why is it important to teach basic economics principles to people?
  9. If you have had $100,000, how would you invest them?
  10. Is the history of economics a subject that should be taught in schools?
  11. What is the economic situation in the United States and your forecasts?
  12. Why do more and more people decide to invest in the stock market?

Behavioral economics topics

  1. Evaluate the choice architecture of a company of your choice. You can also discuss the choice paralysis many brands and companies are inducing to customers.
  2. Has the field of behavioral economics benefited the United States?
  3. Which are the factors that motivate a consumer to buy from a brand? Which are their effects on the economic growth of that brand?
  4. Can behavioral economics be an essential factor in reducing substance abuse in youngsters and adults alike?
  5. What is the impact of discounts and promotions on the behavior of consumers?
  6. What is the role big data plays in behavioral economics?
  7. Explain and explore the benefits behavioral economics could bring to the field of environment and wildlife protection.
  8. How is behavioral economics taught in schools? Can the approach of different teachers change the economic behavior of their students?

Environmental economics topics

  1. What is the impact climate changes produce on the economy of the United States?
  2. Compare and analyze the conservation policies in the two countries of your choice.
  3. Describe the impact technological advancements have on the companies that develop green products.
  4. From an economic perspective, analyze the waste disposal system in your country.
  5. How is the trend of eco-friendly products changing the economy of a country?

General economics topics

  1. Which are the factors that explain the poor economic growth of a country?
  2. Which are the other fields or disciplines that intertwine with economics and contribute to its growth?
  3. Explore why some countries put less value on the environment and more on the economy (you can choose a specific country).
  4. What are the characteristics of an oligopoly and its impact on the economics of a country?
  5. What is the impact a constantly growing population has on the economy of a developing country?
  6. What is the impact of hazards on the economic development of the United States?
  7. What is the effect of globalization on emerging economies?

We hope this guide with 70 interesting economic topics will help you impress your teacher. Every topic can be changed however you want and adapted to your task requirements. In some cases, even with this long list of suggestions, some students feel lost. If you feel you need someone to help you choose your essay topic, suggest how to start, or just check and proofread your draft, our writers at AssignmentHolic are more than happy to help you. We commit to supporting students in their academic pursuits and deliver exceptional papers till the agreed deadline. So, if you feel you need help, do not hesitate to contact us. We are willing and eager to support you.

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