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Coursework includes different academic assignments given to students in the course of study. Professors assign these to evaluate the knowledge and skills of every student and based on it, determine their final grade. In other words, coursework is a learning exercise that helps students build a set of writing/ research/ critical thinking skills, and helps them master the material more efficiently.

Working on your assignments is important and beneficial most of the time, but not always. When this is making you lose sleep or causing you frustration, it’s more harming than good. This is why many students today decide to get help with coursework.

How we can help our clients

AssignmentHolic offers coursework help in the UK and to students across the globe that need assistance in writing their papers. Assignments like coursework aim to help a student study, observe, evaluate, and examine a selected topic by using resources, critical thinking, and academic writing. This is assigned by mentors and instructors and is a big requirement in every course structure. As such, they take a big part of the grade.

If you don’t submit a paper or two in a subject, this can significantly reduce your academic success. You need such papers to reflect your understanding of the things taught in class. Thankfully, we have a writer for you that has obtained the same education and knows exactly what to include in your paper. Our professional coursework help is based on always choosing the right person for the job.

Some examples of coursework we often help with include:

  • Science subjects. The coursework for science subjects is very complicated. It usually comes in form of scientific papers like lab reports and case studies where you need to investigate, report, or both.
  • English composition. Many students study English alongside other subjects in the UK. In this subject, they are frequently given coursework tasks such as persuasive, descriptive, or narrative essays. We offer help with coursework writing with all kinds of English composition and literature assignments.
  • Analytical essays and reports. As a student, you’ll often be tasked to write analytical essays, reports, and reviews to complete a course. Thankfully, we offer support and assistance with all kinds of projects, reports, and reviews.
  • Creative writing. In addition to determining how well you perform research, professors will also want to learn how well you write. To establish your writing skills and talents, they’ll assign creative works. These can be interesting if you have the time for them but can pose a real problem if you are busy. That’s why we offer coursework help with creative projects and assignments to all.

Why students choose our coursework help

Students have many reasons to purchase their coursework online. For some, it’s time restrictions and for others, it is a lack of writing skills. No matter what you ask for coursework writing help, you’ll always find it at our company.

Many similar companies offer similar services and even a similar price as ours. However, they don’t all offer the professional and quality assistance that our writers deliver to every customer.

When you order coursework on the Internet, you expect it to be of great quality and original. Assignment Holic offers custom and quality coursework help at highly affordable prices, and many guarantees and free revisions to make you feel safe about purchasing here. That’s why students choose us.

Our do’s and don’ts

To provide the coursework help online that customers expect of us, we have two lists of do’s and don’ts that we never stray from.


  1. Always create original and custom coursework
  2. Read and re-check the customer’s requirements before submitting their coursework
  3. Give the coursework task to a person with expertise in the subject and field
  4. Double-check for quality before it is submitted
  5. Provide non-stop service and assist all customers promptly.


  1. Miss a deadline – ever
  2. Use information that’s not verified or reliable
  3. Steal content from other sources
  4. Skip on a customer’s requirement
  5. Fail to provide customers with non-stop assistance

Because of these lists, we can provide the university coursework help that many students praise today.

FAQ answers

Can I get every coursework assignment here?

Our big list of services includes all kinds of coursework assignments such as essays, research papers, article reviews, projects, presentations, etc. Ask us for anything you need in case you need more information.

Can I get my coursework done in a few hours?

AssignmentHolic assists customers with different deadline options. These go up to months at begin at only 3 hours.



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