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Do you have the skills and knowledge to write a great research paper? Many students don’t and even those who do experience troubles writing it. Why? Because they have other obligations or plans, and time is a tricky business for any student in this world.

When a research paper assignment is given, no wonder all students feel anxiety. The format is standardized, but the process of writing it is extremely complicated and lengthy. Moreover, the instructions and guidelines for writing can vary among professors and institutions. But, the most complicated thing of them all, even for the most skilled writers, is the research part. This is a lengthy process that demands dedication and access to many reliable resources.
We can all agree on this: many students lack one of more of these three things – time, access and writing skills.

Research Papers and Proposals Writing

Even though we offer both of them so you shouldn’t feel worried about any, we’d like to distinguish between these two commonly given assignments. The process is similar thanks to the structure of both, but research proposals are what gives you the chance do to the actual research paper.

In its core, a research paper should demonstrate the academic knowledge of a student on a specific subject and topic. The proposal is a persuasive content piece that should convince the reader that the research idea has value, after which the writer’s job is to turn that idea into a research paper. Basically, the proposal is a pitch, while the paper is the finalized product.

Digging into Research

When given an order to write a research paper, we don’t just sit down and start writing. The name says it all – this paper must be based on deep and thorough research, meaning that this is the first phase our writers go through when working on your order.

The research part of the writing process helps us do the following:

  • Formulate and explore the research paper idea/s
  • Help us understand the subject and topic
  • Aid in creating the thesis statement
  • Help us gain the authority and knowledge to speak about the chosen topic
  • Gather sufficient amount of resource data for the research (online sources and databases, books, newspapers, publications, reports, guides, etc.)

During this part, the writer stores all notes and data in an outline or a spreadsheet. This helps him organize the content into sections.

Organizing the Data

The research is so thorough that, by this point, the writer has gathered tons of data. This is when he starts organizing the writing process before it begins. Moreover, it is the part where he forms a thesis statement by summarizing the main paper points.

Writing the Research Paper

Generally speaking, the majority of research paper tasks we get are argumentative, expository, or analytical. If our task is to argue a point, that’s a persuasive or argumentative research paper. If the task is to present and analyze information, it is analytical. Finally, if we explain the information in the research paper, it is an expository paper.
With the help of the outline and the data discovered by this point, the writer uses the thesis statement to introduce the research and proceeds by writing the body paragraphs and conclusion. In the process, we always maintain a narrow focus and make sure all data fits within the outline’s framework and that set of your professor. Basically, we have the following goals in mind when writing your paper:

  • Set the main idea or context in the introduction. Say why it is important and state the thesis statement.
  • Keep the writing fluid and focused on the statement, while proving the main points.
  • Give supporting data and arguments for each of the points.
  • Restate the thesis statement in other words and summarize all points in the conclusion.
  • Give ideas and instructions for further research.
  • Make a developmental edit by checking if the paper is clear, concise and well-organized.
  • Check all sources and citation, check for plagiarism, repetition and grammatical errors.

Our years of writing experience and thoughtful organization of the content, as well as the dedicated approach toward writing it help us craft an amazing research paper, every time.

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