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Most research papers begin with questions. There’s one main question and many that follow. When students are assigned to write a paper that demands research, they are expected to come up with a topic, research question, and a statement.

As a student, you’ve probably written numerous research papers in your academic life. Those papers took you where you are now – at the end of the journey, right before you obtain your degree. However, now you have to complete one final, most challenging assignment – the thesis.

Since it is the final and biggest one, it also needs to be of the highest quality. This is not easy to achieve. That is why we frequently get calls from students like you saying: I need help with my thesis.

What thesis services we offer

Assignment Holic is an online professional company that offers academic help to those who need it. Our service provides students with all kinds of support. If you need a college thesis or a university dissertation, we are your people. Our UK thesis writing service caters to the needs of all. We are taking you one final step closer to obtaining your PhD.

In addition to buying a full thesis from our company, you can get a variety of other services and papers. This is the site where students can order their essays and term papers, homework and coursework, theses and dissertations, and even individual chapters.

Our thesis writing services include:

  • Writing a complete thesis from scratch
  • Editing what you have written
  • Proofreading your work
  • Writing an individual chapter (or several of them) on request.

Check our features

If you need help with thesis and choose us as the people to assist you, we’ll make sure to find the perfect expert for you. This expert will focus on your instructions and deadline, but before it all, he will make sure to include the general features that every thesis must have. These are:

  1. Title page
    The title page includes the title, author of the thesis, institution and/or department, mentors or advisors, date of delivery, and contact information. Make sure to provide these so that the writer can create the paper entirely.
  2. Abstract
    One of the most frequent individual chapters that students request thesis writing help in UK for is the abstract. This part is left for last and must concisely explain why the paper is important. You have one line for this, followed by a very short summary of your thesis’ major results. When you’ve spent weeks and months working on research and writing, summing it all up in a couple of sentences (usually around 400 words) can be challenging.
  3. Table of contents
    Our professional thesis writers will make sure to create a table of contents, too. This is where they’ll list the headings and subheadings, as well as adjacent page numbers of the assignment.
  4. Lists (optional)
    If there are figures and tables included in the thesis, these are the following chapters we’ll include.
  5. Introduction
    Here is where things get complicated. The introduction must do many things. It must introduce the topic, entice the reader, provide background information, demonstrate your expertise, and present research questions. It’s a lot of importance settled in just a couple of pages. If you struggle with beginning your paper, you can ask for thesis help with just this chapter.
  6. Methodology
    In this section, the writer has to present crucial information that allows readers to access the believability of the results and potentially replicate your experiment. In this part, we’ll describe the procedures, techniques, theory, materials, equipment use, limitations, assumptions, etc.
  7. Results
    By using techniques and methods from the previous part, the writer has to present results. This is not the part where you take a stand or analyze them – it’s where you present all results – positive and negative.
  8. Analysis/ Discussion
    This is where we’ll analyze the data you’ve obtained and the results. It’s where you take a stand, answer the research questions, and settle the hypotheses. It’s also where you tell readers about the implication of the results.
  9. Conclusions
    In the conclusion, you should summarize the paper’s result, repeat the research question, and provide information regarding future research and investigation.
  10. References
    Based on your formatting requirements, we’ll create a reference/ bibliography section.


What help do we provide for students?

Students request our thesis help for many reasons. Some of them don’t have the time to write a thesis. Others lack the skills or confidence. Some got stuck in one chapter and cannot move toward, so they need a little push from our writers. Regardless of your reason, you can always ask for our thesis help.

How to hire thesis writing help online?

The process of signing up for our services is very simple and shouldn’t take you a long time to do. As long as you give our professional writers at least two full days to work on your paper, you can count on us. To request thesis writing help on our website, first provide us with some information about the subject area of your thesis assignment, the topic, and your deadline.

Make sure to also write down how many pages you need to be written. After that, you’ll have to choose your preferred service level. The final step to ordering thesis help is to provide us with your name, email address, and phone number. It is our policy to keep the contact information you provide us secure and not share it with third parties.

Once you complete your order, the only thing that you’ll have to do is wait to hear back from us and send you the finished paper.


Can I get my thesis done in 3 days?

Yes. Our company offers deadlines for hours, not just days. We have urgent deadline options of 48 hours for these and many writers waiting to assist you when you find yourself in trouble.

How much will it cost?

Our rates for thesis writing begin at $19.99 per page. Make sure to check if we have applicable discounts that can further reduce this price.



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