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Writing a marketing assignment can be a challenge. Marketing is an area that is continuously changing. New tools and methods to analyse information, plan campaigns and collect feedback appear daily. Yet, marketing is a rewarding path for a creative person. And choosing such a career might be an excellent opportunity for anyone who manages to complete this course. That is why AssignmentHolic professional marketing assignment help is so popular among students. 

Definition of marketing assignment

Marketing assignments are aimed at demonstrating your ability to find and analyse information. They cover the research and analysis of competitors, consumers, and company stakeholders. You might need to cover a broad range of topics when writing a task for your business class. Our professional marketing assignment writing team can help you with any assignment. We have been in the UK writing market for years and are ready to handle even the most complicated task. 

Types of papers our marketing assignment help online can help you with

Students find marketing tasks challenging. The key to successfully completing a marketing paper is understanding what you need to write. Marketing is a diverse industry, so as your tasks in a college. There are several types of marketing papers our team can handle for you:

  • Marketing plan writing. One of the major tasks of a professional market is to create a marketing plan. This plan can be connected with launching a new product or new ways of your business promotion. The tasks like that allow students to learn techniques and practices of marketing plan creation. And if you don’t know where to start marketing assignment sample on our website. 
  • Competitor analysis. Knowing more about the competitors provides a lot of benefits to a marketer. Good research can give an overview of your business’s strengths and weaknesses and competing ones’. With these details, it is possible to beat the competition out. Our team delivered a lot of such tasks, so you can always ask us to do my marketing assignment.
  • Analysis of environment. By analysing the business environment, marketers can make the right decisions and adopt business activities to the current market situation. We can handle both SWOT and PESTEL tasks you might have in your class. 
  • Consumer behaviour. Understanding your customers is vital for successful promotional campaigns. You need to know why the customers like your product or service. Learning more about loyalty and other things is part of consumer behaviour. These tasks are quite complicated to complete, and a bit of help for us is an excellent idea. 
  • Marketing mix tasks. No matter the 4Ps or 7 Ps model, our team can handle any of them. The marketing mix strategy is applied to a product or service and boosts sales. It is an integral part of any advertising course. 


Major marketing assignment topics our team covers

Marketing and advertising are broad areas. There are a lot of topics and subtopics you might need to cover. Our team can help you with almost any. We even deliver marketing assignments for MBA students if required. So here are some topics that the students commonly order: 

Marketing Mix

We mentioned it above, and it is a prevalent task among students. A marketing mix allows the development of innovative promotional strategies based on your collected data. 

Public relations 

PR is a separate niche, and usually, the marketing person is less focused on PR. Since marketers are in charge of strategies and not implementation, yet, knowledge of public relations might help assign tasks and plan new business ventures. 

Digital Marketing 

It is a completely new area with a lot of information. Digital marketing includes all promotional activities online. These are social media, SEO, guest outreach, online advertising, email campaigns, and so on. More and more students come to us with digital marketing tasks. And we can help you with them. 

Competitor analysis 

We can help you in writing a paper using different competitor analysis techniques. Competitor analysis is highly important for any business since it allows to see where it can increase profit. 

Content marketing 

Content marketing is a broad area. It includes all types of content your company might be using. These can be TV ads, website publications, printed media publications and so on. Proper planning and execution of such campaigns is the task of any marketing expert. 

There are only a few topics we can help you with. You can always connect with us and ask if we can take care of a particular task for you. 

How do I get marketing assignment help uk? 

Getting help with marketing assignment from us is easy. You just need to place an order on our website. If you decide to work with us, the best academic writers in the UK will take care of your marketing assignment task. Here are the steps to make: 

  • Find an Order Now option on our website. It is either at the top or bottom of any page. 
  • Fill out the details about your marketing assignment. 
  • Choose the paper type, quality level, deadline, spacing and other things you have in your task. 
  • Attach files, presentations and images you want us to use when writing. 
  • Pay for your marketing task using the most convenient payment method. 
  • Get your marketing paper in your inbox and check it. 
  • Ask for changes if there are any. 

If you have questions or need additional help with placing an order on our site, you can always rely on our professional customer care team. 

The exceptional features of our online marketing assignment help

Our team has been working on marketing assignments writing market for many years. We became the number one choice among MBA students. That allowed us to provide many benefits to each client who chose us. Here are some of them: 

  • Experienced writers. Our team employs rock-star marketing writers to handle your tasks. You can rely on these guys with any paper you have. Each writer we employ has at least an MA degree and years of experience in the UK academic writing market.
  • UK native speakers. We don’t hire freelancers. We hire UK English native speakers with academic backgrounds.  
  • Fast delivery. All papers we deliver in time. We can handle even the most urgent order. You can get your marketing task in only three hours. 
  • Cheap prices. We have an affordable pricing model and discounts. That makes our prices cheap. 
  • Custom papers and no plagiarism. We write every paper from scratch. The research starts only after we get your order. Each paper we provide is checked for plagiarism. 
  • Enchanted security. 3D secure technology allows us to make sure that all details you pass to us are secured. It is not possible to access them. 
  • Revisions. We provide two weeks of free revisions for each client who chooses us. 
  • Money-back guarantee. You can get your money back if we fail to deliver your paper. 
  • Customer support. Our customer care team works 24/7. You can connect with a live person instantly. Our agents are professional and friendly. They are always eager to help. 

Nine steps to placing marketing assignment writing order

We don’t have long ordering forms with many details or questions. Getting your marketing assignment from us is easy. It will take you less than 15 minutes to pass all the details to us. Here are the steps that will help you to place an order on our website: 

  1. Find Order now button on our website and click on it. 
  2. Fill out the details about your paper. 
  3. Choose the deadline, writing and academic levels. 
  4. Attach images, documents and presentations you want us to use. 
  5. Apply your coupon code. If you are a returning customer, you will get an automatic discount. 
  6. Pay for your paper using the most convenient method. 
  7. Enjoy your time while we are working on your marketing task. 
  8. Get your paper in your inbox and check it. 
  9. Ask for the revisions if you need them.


Can you complete a Marketing Assignment with the right level of uniqueness?

Our team has zero tolerance for plagiarism. We are eager to ensure that you get 100% original assignments from us. So, you don’t need to worry about your paper since you will get custom writing from us. Moreover, we will check it with plagiarism software to ensure it is original.

Do you make changes to your completed Marketing Assignment?

Our marketing assignment helping service offers free revisions with each order you place on our website. If you need changes to our completed marketing assignment, feel free to ask for them. During the first two weeks after the paper is delivered, you can ask for any changes to it. We want to ensure that you are satisfied with the result, which is why we offer this with each order.

Do you have an office at AssignmentHolic?

To make our service affordable for any students, we decided not to create an office space for our employees. We don’t have an office, and our team communicates virtually. Yet, we are an established company that employs the best academic writers to complete your marketing assignments. We do understand that you deserve the best service ever.

How is payment made for the Marketing Assignment?

On our website, we use 3D secure technology to make sure your payment details are safe. Our payment gateway software allows us to accept most credit cards and even wire transfers. We are planning to add more payment options soon. Of course, if there will be a demand from our customers.



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