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Research proposals are part of most applications for admission into a college or university program, but they are also often a part of your studies. The goal of this paper type is to outline the proposed study or its area, summarize the research, and set out the central questions you are planning to address in writing.

What does this mean for a student? It means a tremendous amount of research which equals a lot of time, request for full dedication on the writing and organization processes, as well as advanced academic language and full accuracy. None of these things are simple and if you feel like you cannot do them, you shouldn’t have to do them on your own.

Research Proposal Writing at AssignmentHolic

To present you in the best way possible, whether it is to the academic community or an admission board, we promise to deliver the greatest research proposal you could expect. For precisely this reason, has employed dozens of writers who specialize in proposals and different fields. These writers will gladly refer to their knowledge and experience, the debate on a chosen topic, and research for the purpose of aiding you in getting your research idea accepted.

The proposal might not be as complicated as the actual research, but it is equally important. Perhaps even more. Seeing that this part of the process is what gets you to the next stage, which is the actual writing, you cannot do the second without the first. That being said, our goal is to demonstrate that your topic is worth researching and that you can communicate the ideas concisely, clearly and critically.

How to Write a Great Research Proposal in a Few Hours

The biggest problem with effective research proposal writing is procrastination. Most students have a tendency to delay the starting point. They believe there’s enough time, so they spend their days on other responsibilities rather than working on their research proposal. Then reality hits them. The deadline is too close and they haven’t had any work done.

Is it possible to write a brilliant research proposal in a matter of hours?

It’s hard. But it’s possible.

First of all, it’s important to know that you absolutely need a good base of research before you head towards these quick writing and editing steps. This is a major project of huge importance. It will determine the success of your dissertation. So it’s safe to assume that you’ve already done some research regarding it, right? Okay.

You’ve done some research. Now how can you complete the proposal in few hours? These are the steps to follow:

1. Understand the Challenge

A research proposal usually takes up to 2,500 words in length. If you’re focused and prepared enough, you could definitely write that content within few hours. However, you’ll need a good plan for those hours. These are the stages:

  • Choosing the right sources
  • Outlining the proposal
  • Writing the content
  • Editing

Again; we’re assuming that you’ve done quite a bit of research and you already know what you’re going to write about. So pick the specific sources that you’re going to use in the proposal. Then, prepare the outline that precisely determines what you’re going to write in the proposal. This should take around two hours.

The content writing will take additional three to four hours. Then, you’ll have two hours for editing.

Make the plan with brief brakes in between, and stick to it.

2. Maintain a Proper Structure

The research proposal has a rather simple structure. These are the points to plan in the outline:

  • Title page
  • Overview of the research
  • The positioning of the research
  • Research methodology
  • References

3. Make a Checklist of the Main Points to Cover

When writing the outline and the content itself, you have few goals to meet:

  • Define a clear research question. Then, discuss your approach to answering it. That’s the whole point of a research proposal.
  • Explain why and how this research process and its results will be useful for the academic and scientific community. Highlight its significance and uniqueness.
  • Persuade the readers (the committee) that it’s important for this dissertation to be completed. Your research proposal won’t be approved just because it’s well-written. It’s the main idea that the committee will look at. It has to be a good one.

4. Don’t Skip the Editing

This proposal will lead to the most important project of your life – the dissertation. It has to be flawless in terms of grammar and punctuation; otherwise, it won’t make you look like a serious PhD candidate.

What We Include in Your Research Proposal

No matter what the purpose of your proposal is or what topic you choose for us to discuss, we will do the following if you choose our services:

  • Help you choose a descriptive, researchable and concise title. This title will prick the interest of the reader, as well as convince them of the importance of the research itself.
  • Summarize the research in a brief abstract. The abstract includes a rationale for the research, introduces the research question and hypothesis, as well as the main findings and methods used to get to them.
  • Provide the necessary context for the research problem, as well as some background in an attention-grabbing introduction.
  • Incorporate a literature review in the proposal, most often in the section of the introduction. This literature review will convince readers that the research makes a substantial and significant literature contribution, give credit to the data you use as groundwork for the study, as well as demonstrate some knowledge of the problem.
  • Tell the committee or academic community what methods you are planning to use to tackle the problem discussed in the other sections. Here we will speak of design, instruments, procedure, and participants or subjects.
  • Discuss the results and the impact of the research, as well as explain its weaknesses and limitations.
  • Conclude by summarizing everything in a memorable and actionable conclusion

Is this what you needed? If not, make sure to tell us in the ordering form or contact one of our agents – we will gladly amend our strategy based on your specific instructions. After all, that’s what we do – make the paper you want us to make for you when you want us to make it!

Why Us?

If our process did not seem enticing enough for you to trust us, we have many other reasons why. Assignmentholic is so high on the list of good services for more than one reason. More specifically, we are right there because we meet our customers’ needs, no exceptions.

So, if you are asking yourself why you should select exactly this service when there are so many others who, maybe, look more promising or offer you a cheaper rate, here are the reasons:

Our prices are as competitive as it gets

What does this mean? It means that for a quality proposal, a writer has to go through the entire process we discussed. This cannot possibly result in a price that doesn’t fit the quality of writing, time spent on doing that, or the expertise required to write that kind of paper.

We cannot promise you that you won’t be finding lower prices on the Web. After all, the competition is large. What we can promise are fair prices that will fit our services perfectly, further improved by discounts and programs created specifically for the purpose of keeping our customers happy.

We deliver quality and meet deadlines

These are the two key features to look in a writing service, and we have them both. Without quality, you cannot get the grades you want and in this specific case, you might not even get to write the research on the topic you have chosen. A research proposal must be perfect to impress the board or the professors, meaning that this is not a place to get a service that will deliver less than the greatest quality.

Another important point is the deadline. If a company misses your deadline, it won’t really matter how great the proposal is. In the almost impossible case that you convince the board to take your proposal after the set deadline, you will still appear unprofessional and lose points with them.

We won’t let this happen, and these are the biggest reasons to choose our services.

In addition to all this, Assignmentholic guarantees several other things to those who choose to buy our research proposal services:

  • Originality guarantee and fully edited papers
  • Content that meets expectations and fits all instructions
  • Privacy for all students who order their proposal from us
  • Help from writers who specialize in the field and the topic

Ready to Order?

If you are ready to order, all it takes is minutes from your time! Open the form or contact us and we will help you write a proposal for your study that will surely impress everyone who reads it.

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