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Is assessment writing giving you a hard time? Is the deadline for your assessment report writing causing you a headache? Are you looking for the best assessment writer? If this is you, then look no further; AssignmentHolic would like to offer you the best assessment writing help. Many students go through the pain of having to write awesome assessment tests to improve their overall grades. Sometimes these assessments are not easy, and a lot of students struggle; to write them. 

AssignmentHolic has been helping students write the best assessments. We offer the best online assessment help. We hire the best experts and writers to help students achieve the best scores in assessment writing. We are committed to ensuring those who contact us for help get only top-quality assignments. 

What is Assessment Writing?

Writing assessments is an integral part of learning. Assessment writing is needed in classrooms and outside to support student learning, help the tutor or professor assign a grade, prepare a student for an appropriate course, certify a student’s proficiency in a course, and determine which students to place in a particular course. Whichever way assessment writing is used in your institution of learning, it’s important to know how to write different assessments. 

Most assessments are crucial and need to be approached with care. As a student, your teacher will test not just your writing skills but your level of understanding of the subject you are writing about. Every assessment will seek to test how well you understand the crucial aspects of a subject. Your teacher or administrator will often provide guidance and the approach you should take for each assessment. 

However, not every student can expressively write a fluent assessment in all subjects. Some students need help in writing these assessments if they are to have any chance of scoring good grades. This is where assessment writing services such as AssignmentHolic come in. These services provide the necessary help for assessment these students need. Good services will employ expert writers who are knowledgeable in different fields to help these students. 

Good assessment help services employ many writers to help deal with many assignments that students send their way. The expert writers guide students in writing good assessments. 


What are the Types of Assessments?

Assessments are not just important for learners, teachers use them to determine how well the students are interacting with a particular subject. But there are different ways of finding out how much the learners know about a particular subject. This means you should expect your teacher to assess you in different ways. There are different types of assessments. They include:

  • Diagnostic Assessment

Diagnostic assessments are used to test the student’s knowledge of a section of a subject. The teacher can use this type of assessment before introducing the students to a new topic. This helps the teacher understand how well the students understand the previous topic. This type of assessment can also be used at the end of a unit to show the progress of the unit. Examples of this type of assessment include;

  • Short quizzes
  • Student interviews
  • Journal entries
  • Student reflections
  • Classroom discussions
  • Graphic organizers
  • Formative Assessment 

Formative assessment seeks to evaluate the student’s knowledge development as they interact with a particular unit. This kind of assessment helps the teacher adjust the learning method and test the resilience and adaptation of the current methods. Some examples include:

  • Portfolio writing
  • Progress report writing
  • Group projects
  • Class discussions
  • Entry and exit tickets
  • Short, regular quizzes

Many of these assessments tend to be short and consistent. The main reason for this type of assessment is to benchmark your progress and reduce the anxiety that comes with writing main examinations. 

  • Summative Assessment

Summative assessments are the more common types of assessments. They measure the student’s progress as an assessment of learning. One example would be a standardized test. These kinds of tests provide data not just for your professor but the school leaders and the entire school district as well. These tests communicate student progress but often fail to provide clear feedback on the learning process. Some institutions will ask you to write summative assessments that deviate from the standard norms like:

  • Writing a script
  • Producing an independent study project
  • Recording a podcast

This type of assessment requires students to be well-prepared and study the material for an entire learning period. 

  • Ipsative Assessment

Ipsative assessments are aimed at giving a student a second chance at learning. This is to encourage them to keep working on their goals and improving their skills. This kind of assessment aims to help students learn from their mistakes. For instance, instead of grading a single narrative writing assessment, the teacher will ask the student to revise their first draft and correct the mistakes they identify. 

  • Norm-referenced Assessment

Norm-referenced assessments are designed to compare an individual to a group of peers. They are different from Ipsative assessments because students no longer compete against themselves but against others. They include:

  • IQ tests
  • Standardized college admissions tests, e.g., SAT and GRE
  • Physical assessments

These types of assessments are used to determine the student’s

  • Language ability
  • Physical development
  • Grade readiness
  • College admission decisions
  • Need for additional learning support
  • Criterion-referenced Assessments

These types of assessments will test the student’s level of learning against a learning standard and performance level. You will not be tested against other students around you. In these types of assessments, the student will be expected to measure up to the grade-level standards. Some of these include end-of-unit or final-unit tests. 

Problems often faced by students in Assessment Writing

Students seek the best assessment help UK because they face so many problems trying to write the perfect assessments. Some of these problems include:

  1. Insufficient time: Not every student will have time to complete all assessments in school. This lack of time leads to some skipping these assessments, which adversely affects their overall grade. 
  2. Insufficient knowledge about a subject: Since the time spent in school is barely enough to master everything, some students may lack the knowledge to write assessments.
  3. Worrying about the deadline: Different assessments will have their own deadlines. These deadlines wreak havoc in the mind of students. 
  4. Worrying about their overall grades: Many students don’t trust their writing prowess and may be scared of scoring poor grades. 

How we provide Help

AssignmentHolic understands the problems students face when trying to write all their assessments and score good grades. We have a proper system in place to help students get everything done on time. Here’s how:

  • We hire many proficient writers to handle the assessments for students. Since students struggle to get enough time to write their assessments, we hire writers who can write assessments at any time. 
  • We hire experts in different subjects. It doesn’t matter what type of academic writing assessment you have to deal with, we have experts who will handle them for you. We ask all writers to pass the tests to ascertain their knowledge of different subjects.
  • We deliver all assessments on time. Our writers don’t have to worry about deadlines since this is what they do for a living. We will ensure we send it to you on time if you have just a few hours to turn in an assessment. 
  • Students who seek help with assessments worry so much about their final grades. We employ a thorough quality control team to check all assessments before we send them to you. This ensures that these assessments pass all quality checks. You are guaranteed a top grade with our online writing assessment help. 

Features of our Assessment Writing Help

Here are some of the features you can expect from our assessment writing help service:

  1. Competitive pricing. We charge very affordable prices for writing assessments for students. Our service is among the top companies in the UK. We understand your pain and want you to succeed in school. 
  2. Timely deliveries. When looking for assessment help online, you want a service that can deliver quick assignments. We have writers who will deliver your assignment within hours. 
  3. 0% plagiarism. We understand that plagiarism can ruin your chances of scoring a top grade. Every assessment is written from scratch and checked thoroughly for originality. 
  4. 100% confidentiality. We will keep your information safe and never share it with any third party. 
  5. Special discounts. We know that many students work with tight budgets. When you are looking for someone to write my assessment, you want it to be affordable. We offer special discounts. 

Placing your Assessment Order

Here’s how you can place your assessment order with us:

  1. Find the order page to open the order form
  2. Fill in the order form with the details for your assessment.
  3. Check that everything is correct and proceed to checkout.
  4. We will assign an assessment writer to start working on your order immediately.
  5. We will send you a complete original assessment within the specified deadline. 


How much does Assessment Writing cost?

We charge very affordable pricing. Our pricing will depend on the number of pages you want us to write for you.

Can I ask questions as you work on my Assessment?

Yes. All questions are welcome. Our customer support team will answer any questions you may have about our service. You can also interact with the writer and ask them questions.

Will you write my Assessment urgently?

Yes. We can write your assessment within hours if you want.

I forgot to include important requirements when placing the order. What should I do?

You can contact our customer support team and send them the missing details.



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