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We respect and value your personality data protection rights. We take all legal and recommended precautions when it comes to confidentiality and the processing of information. We conform to all applicable data protection laws.

Our privacy policy is part of our comprehensive Terms and Conditions, in which is defined how our company collects and uses information collected about you the user or client. Any information that you enter into our AssignmentHolic website is protected under all applicable personal data laws both now and in the future. Our user agreement also explains how any personal information is used and accessed.


When you use our website and/or any of its services, you are consenting to the collection and to the transfer of your personal data in agreement with our privacy policy and the applicable laws of our website’s host country. Our privacy policy includes information and rule around the Terms of cookies use and automatic information collection tools use. In addition, when you use our website and/or any of its services, you are also consenting to the stipulations and terms within our Terms and Conditions. Agreement to our policies is given as consent when our website and services are used, which means you should not use our website or service if you do not agree to the terms of our user agreement and privacy policy.


Our privacy policy and our user agreement apply to this website, this website’s services, messages, products and applications (hereinafter referred to as our services). If you would like more information about our website’s services terms of use, then consult our Terms and Conditions.

Data collection

Any personal data that we collect will depend upon how you use our website, our company, and/or our website’s services. The data we collect is at our discretion. Here is a list of personal data items that we may collect.

Contact details:
A website services user’s email address, phone number, first name and last name.

Customer identity verification information:
– We collect data to prevent fraud and abide by all applicable money laundering laws.
– A photographic, digital or hard-copy printout or digital document of a payment document.
– A photographic, digital or hard-copy printout or digital document of a bank statement or utility bill.
– A photocopy of a credit card with the long number digits covered except for the last four digits.

Account information:
We may collect information on the services that you use and that you purchase. We may also collect data on the history of your payments to our company, the history of your transactions, and any data about your use of our services or how you use our services. As with all our services, we reserve the right to collect additional information related to your website services account.

To improve your user experience and your repeated user experience, we collect information about your preferences, which may include allowing you to define and save your preferences. This includes how you use our website services, your preferred language, and how you wish to receive any information from our company and/or website.

Automatically collected data:
If you use our website, then we automatically collect information in the form of standard analytics. This may include things such as noting that you visited, the time you visited, how long you visited and so forth. Our website also collects information on your device, your location, your operating system, your language settings and your IP address. We collect your login time, your number of logins, the date of your logins, requested URL, browser version, system status reports, and we measure the outcome of your visit (if any). Our website also measures your use of our website such as your search history and the type of information you viewed. We are also able to see the addresses of the websites you were on before you navigated to our website. Read more.

We reserve the right to use encryptions, pseudonymization and/or depersonalization to protect the identity of our users. This includes any steps required to stop third-parties unlawfully accessing our stored information and/or gaining any of your personal information without our permission.

Information about children:

If you are under the age of sixteen, then you will need the consent of your guardian or parents before you use this website, before you visit this website, and before you send us any personal information. We do not collect any user’s date of birth, which means we have no way of determining how old our website services users are.

If your ward or your child has visited this website and/or has provided any form of personal information without your consent, then please make contact with us right away at if you are concerned about any data protection issues.

Ways of using data and the purpose of using data

Our company collects information to improve our website, to manage customer relations, to improve the quality of our services, and to abide by applicable laws such as money laundering laws.

Examples of data use:

A. The completion of an order: We may need to use your personal information and personal data to verify your identity as it relates to an order or to the services being used.

B. Customer support: We may collect and/or use data to answer your questions or to help you with any requests you pass on to us, which includes providing assistance on any services or technical issues.

C. Marketing: We use your personal information and our customer information for marketing purposes, in which we follow the letter of the law. When you accept our terms and conditions, you are also agreeing to receive agreements from us. You are also agreeing to receive notifications, order updates, marketing, discount offers, special offers, and services information marketing and/or messages from us. When we send any such messages, we may include links and images. We may also include a link that allows you to unsubscribe to our marketing messages. If you are having difficulty with any of our communications, then please email us at

D. Research or services improvement: We use analytic apps and tools, and we create new services and tools based on the information we collect. Our company also collects such information to improve the quality of our services and to improve the functionality of our service.

E. Services security, fraud prevention and detection: We collect personal information to abide by all applicable laws regarding fraud, online security and personal security. We also use such information to detect illegal activity, to investigate fraud, and to detect attempts to breach our security. Our company may also use such information to perform risk assessments and to authenticate user payments.

F. Company Activity: Your information may be used and collected so that we may carry out our us business and service activities, which includes the providing of our service to yourself, and also includes business management, staff management, quality control and staff training.

G. Regulatory compliance and legal: We abide by all applicable laws and we may use your information in the implementation of whatever is required to abide by existing laws, applicable regulations, applicable judicial orders, applicable requests of state and any requires of law enforcement agencies. We do this to allow our service to protect its customers, staff members, and to protect our company. It may also be used in any legal dispute that our company is subjected to.

Legal basis

– Our company relies on the complete fulfillment of all the terms of our contract for the purposes that are described in sections A and B. This includes any processing of your personal data that may be required or necessary to fulfill all the terms of the contract laid out by our company. E.g. you may make an order and we may need to identify you, to contact you about the order, and to use any pertinent collected data to fulfill your order.

– The purposes of points C through to G: we utilize the information you give us to fulfill the legitimate interests that we have. For example, we may use the information to improve our website and decide what we should post on our website and in our email newsletters. The information may be used in our interest to determine what we say in our promotional posts, and how we promote our services in the future. We may use the information in our interest to prevent fraud and prevent any losses we may have felt due to those frauds. For these reasons and many more (reasons relating to the interest of our company), we may need to use the information collected as per points C through to G. In doing so, we both respect and value your rights, your legal rights, and all applicable data protection laws and associated rights. In keeping with such, we use the information in the interest of our company and our website, but our use of such information will offer or force no detriment to yourself as the website user.

– The purpose of point G is that we have an obligation to comply with all applicable laws, and the information we collect as per point G helps us comply with such laws.

– You are agreeing to the collection of the information stated between point A through to point G. If there is anything you would like to object to as per the points made through A to G, then please send us an email at

Duration of data storage
Our policy is to store information for as long as it is required to fulfill all the purposes laid out in this document, in our privacy policy, and in our user agreement. We keep the information to help provide you with the best possible service, to resolve disputes, to comply with all applicable laws, to conduct our business, to prevent fraud, to detect fraud and detect any sort of illegal activity.

In various cases, our company will store data in an aggregated form and/or in a depersonalized form, in which case the specifics of your personal data cannot be accessed and/or retrieved.

All the personal data that is collected and given to us will be subject to our privacy policy and will be stored as per all applicable government guidelines and applicable laws. Please make contact with us if you would like further details on how we store our information, but please be aware that customer-specific information will not be given out when you make contact with us.

Customer rights
Any customers who are curious about the personal information being stored may contact us. You may contact us if you wish to know about the personal information we store, or if you wish to supplement it. You may contact us if you wish to delete anything that is incomplete, outdated or inaccurate. You may contact us if you wish to depersonalize the information. You may exercise your rights to do this by contacting us at this email address:

Depending on the circumstances and the nature of the request, various laws may prevent us from fulfilling your request to its full extent (for example, if while accessing your data, a third party’s personal data may be revealed).

To help fulfill your requirements, we are going to need to identify you, which means we will issue you with further requests for detailed and specific information which you must give to our satisfaction if you wish for your request to go through and be actioned.

If you refuse to give your personal information and/or you do not provide sufficient proof of your identity, and if you do not provide all the data and information we request, then we reserve the right to refuse your request. We may also be unable to answer any questions of further requests that you have.

When you use our website, you are agreeing to our terms, conditions, to our privacy policy and our user agreement. You are able to view the content of our website without registering, but if you wish to place an order with our website, then you are going to have to register with us, which involves handing over detailed pieces of personal information.

You are responsible for the completeness and the accuracy of the information you give to us when you register.

Data security

We use all technical, administrative and physical means at our disposal to ensure top security at all times when we are processing and collecting information. We use these security measures and techniques to prevent the unlawful disclosure of information and to prevent any form of unauthorized access to both company information and your personal information.

Every online transaction is processed through a reliable and secure network, and this is also true when we process payments. We use a secure, encrypted and reliable online payment system that is provided by Our use of this company and our use of every security measure at our disposal means that the risk of payment details (credit card details) being leaked or unlawfully accessed is/are lowered as much as we can. We cannot guarantee that the disclosure of credit card (payment) details will never happen, but we take all due diligent steps to try to prevent information being leaked or stolen.

Under no circumstances is our company liable for any indirect or direct or damages that arise from the unlawful/illegal use of any of your personal data, which includes use by any third parties.

To prevent data breaches and the unlawful use of your information, it is important that you also take all due care and take all due diligence to ensure your information is not stolen and/or your account is not unlawfully used (with or without your permission). For example, you should not give away your registration information, and you should take care to protect your login details and your password. You are responsible for the user security of your account.

As with many websites, our website may contain a series of links to websites that we have no control over. The linked websites are not protected by any of our policies, which includes our privacy policy and user agreement. As a result, we are not responsible for the content of those websites, for the legitimacy of those websites, for the information presented on those websites, and/or for the safety of yourself or your personal information if you decide to visit those websites. The products and services offered by the websites we link to have nothing to do with our company in any way. We recommend that you take all due care, attention and precautions when visiting other websites and that you read the privacy policy of each website you visit.

Dissemination of information

We do, we will, and we intend to disseminate your information in the following ways:

Data transfer within the company

The company may share personal data with company’s entities in other countries for the purposes described in this privacy Policy. Divisions of the Company are not entitled to use your personal data for other purposes, and we require them to act in accordance with this Policy and to use appropriate security measures to protect your personal data.

Data transfer to service providers

We do not share personal information with any of our writers, but we do provide them with the information that you provide when you make your order. This information relates to your order and does not include any of your personal information. We give our writers and our workers information such as the assignment details you offer, the deadline for the work, and when the order has been paid. As a customer, you should not offer your writer any form of payment information because payments are processed via our website and not by the writer. If you would like more information around how we disseminate information to writers, then please check our Terms and Conditions.

While providing our services, we may use servers and resources that are located around the world. Some of the services that we may use from around the world include anti-fraud services, credit card processing services, customer support services, marketing services, promotional services, email services, IT services, and management consultancy services. Your personal information may be transferred outside of your country’s borders due to our use of third-party companies in different countries. In such countries, there may be less legal protection or no legal protection for your information. In these cases, we work hard to ensure that your information is transferred in a legally acceptable way, and we work hard to ensure that your data comes under as little risk as possible.

Compliance with legislation

To abide by all applicable laws, and to detect, suppress and prevent fraud and illegal activity, we share personal information with government agencies and law enforcement agencies to the extent that the law requires.

Transfer of data to other third parties

We will never sell or transfer personal information to third parties. If you decide to allow us to sell your information to third parties, then we shall do so within the limits and terms of our privacy policy. When your information is transferred, then it is protected under whatever privacy policies they hold, which means the protection and privacy of your information is then out of our control. Other companies may have different privacy practices and privacy policies than us.

Contact information

Do you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, about our use of your data or the collection of your data? If so, then you are free to make contact with us at:

Any communication you have with our company is treated as a confidential communication. Our representatives will contact you within a reasonable time period after we receive a communication from yourself. We try our best to solve your problems and/or answer your questions in an effective and timely manner.

Changes of Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy may be changed at our discretion. If our privacy policy changes, then the new version will be published on our website where you may view it without having to sign up or log-in to your account.

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