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Employing a UK essay writing service is a choice of many students these days. No matter what level you study in, you need assistance at some point. Assignment Holic caters to undergraduate, master, and university students. We handle their essay assignments and projects, hoping to make their lives a bit easier.

When you find yourself in a situation where you cannot complete your academic obligations, our assistance can solve all of your problems. Purchasing from a highly rated British essay writing service is the solution to many problems that you thought were unsolvable.

What essay services we offer

A couple of minutes in a search engine will tell you all you need to know about Assignment Holic. We are a trusted essay writing service that provides original content and editing services to students in the UK and worldwide. If you need someone to take care of your paper, we are your people.

At our essay writing service, customers can find all sorts of assignments. In addition to essay papers, we offer research papers and projects, presentations, speeches, and big assignments like dissertations, theses, and case studies. This is the place to get it all – it’s no coincidence that we are rated the best essay writing service in the UK!

When it comes to essay writing, we assist and provide support for any type of essay a student requests. The most frequent requests we get are for the following essay types:

  1. Narrative
    Narrative essays are all about telling a story. It sounds simple now, but wait until you are assigned this type of paper on a topic you find dull or have no interest in. You need to get into details. This assignment is given to ascertain the writer’s storytelling skills. You have to explain things in such details that readers get the feel of your story. Even if you are great at writing, if you are a bit tired or lack motivation, this paper is impossible to write. This is why it’s the most common type that students order from our company.
  2. Descriptive
    Narrative and descriptive essays are similar but have one significant difference. In descriptive essays, you need to give a very detailed account of a topic. It’s not necessarily storytelling and does not even have to include a regular plot. Your job here is to mention appearance, taste, smell, and reach to the reader’s senses. So, think many adjectives, many comparisons, and creative thought. If you have trouble with it, you can order this from our essay writing service.
  3. Expository
    This assignment is an informative piece of writing that must include a perfectly balanced analysis of a chosen topic. In expository essays, writers need to use statistics, real facts, and many examples. This essay type can combine different types such as cause and effect, how-to, and compare and contrast essays. That’s what makes it so complicated.
  4. Persuasive
    The name tells it all – you need to persuade readers. But, you cannot use plain sentences without any relevant data and hope that they sound convincing. To create a quality paper that will bring you a high grade, you need to build a solid case. This is done using facts, reasoning, logic, expert opinions, and examples. It takes time and a great deal of research, but if you get stuck with it, you can get this entire paper online.
  5. Argumentative
    Similar to persuasive, this essay type presents two or more sides of a controversial issue and aims to persuade readers of your point of view. Still, you need to present valid arguments toward both sides even if you’ve picked one.

How to choose a good essay writing service

The best professional essay writing service should be able to do all of the above and more. We can tell you all about how great our service is but, in the end, your best proof is the reputation.

When you purchase things online, do you check reviews and testimonials? People love to share their experiences with others and this can ease your decision-making. Learning from someone who tried a service firsthand is a great way to find and choose a recommended essay writing service.

So, give us a couple of minutes to take you to our testimonials page. People who order from this company can see what others have to say about our writers and decide for themselves.

What essay problems we solve

We are frequently tasked with writing essays for our customers. Some of the reasons they give us for this decision include:

  • They feel tired and need some time off, so they need our assistance.
  • The essay type they’ve been assigned is unfamiliar or hard for them.
  • The topic is dull or hard to research.
  • Their writing skills are not enough or they lack the confidence to write an essay.
  • There are many things they have to do in a short timeframe and this essay is causing them trouble.

This and many more things can cause you to feel despair and frustration. Don’t let this ruin your day – we solve all of these problems and more!

Why students choose AssignmentHolic

Many things can make you want to get your papers done by someone else. But, there are also many companies and writers that offer to do this. So, why do students choose Assignment Holic?

They choose us because we are honest and professional. We hire the best writers and charge a reasonable price for every essay we sell. This company is not just an amazing source of papers, but also a cheap essay writing service with many discounts and free features.

How we hire the best essay writers

The quality of your essays depends on who writes them. We know this and it is why we hire the best people who apply to work at this company. We skip out on inexperienced, non-native, or unprofessional writers. The people who work here and will write your essays are all English speakers with a university degree, years of experience, and great dedication to their work.

DISCLAIMER: It is illegal to use the research materials ordered on this website for other than research purposes. You must quote the sources appropriately. The company bears no responsibility for the use of research work, not intended for education use, the work is sold as-is with the highest quality and service available and written by freelancers.
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