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A writing service is no good to you if it doesn’t offer a wide range of services. This is why we are the best choice as a regular provider – you can find all the papers you need in one place. If you choose us as your assignment provider, we promise to deliver the following:

Essay Writing Services

Many people dismiss the difficulty and importance essays carry as a task, but these are actually the most commonly assigned tasks. For exactly this reason, AssignmentHolic.co.uk offers all types of essays, for every academic level and within even the shortest deadlines. Starting from narrative to persuasive essay, we can write it all!


Interestingly, coursework is the least acknowledged assignment of them all. Students often see it as irrelevant and put the writing off, until the point where the deadline is tight and they have no time to complete it. Even though coursework is a task you get every single day, this actually means that it has the most impact on your final grade.

Research Proposal

The research proposal always turns up to be more difficult than you thought. After all, this is only the proposal to the research paper, so it should not take that much time. But, you cannot be more wrong. In order to write a research proposal, you must have a set idea and read a sufficient amount of information regarding the topic of your research paper.


The thesis is a paper many students fear because of its complexity and the fact that this is a time-consuming task. When you are assigned a thesis, not only you have the headache of having to research and write for days, but you are also left with no free time to handle other assignments or spend some time with your friends and family.


If the time came for you to write a dissertation, you surely feel overwhelmed. This paper is very complex and its length can make you stray without even noticing. Furthermore, the importance it carries can make everyone feel worried, which is why a dissertation-writing expert is the best person to help you.

Movie review

Movie reviews can take away all the fun from watching a movie. Even if the assigned movie for the review is fun, which is rarely the case, you still cannot enjoy it because you have to look closely for things you are about to discuss in your paper. If you do not have the time, patience or writing talent to do this paper, let us do the job for you.

Book review

Ah, those book reviews! Not only you have to read the book, but you also have to research and write a review. This is not only overwhelming and with some books even boring, but it is actually too time-consuming. And let’s face it – time is a luxury for students!

Term Paper

If you do not have highly developed research and writing skills, you are in trouble! Term papers require a lot of sources and great writing skills. Fortunately, our writing team is trained and experienced in writing term papers, too.

Research Paper

Researching skills are a small problem when it comes to a research paper, once you compare this with the problem of finding sufficient reliable sources. Lucky for you, our company has an extensive list of reliable sources, which helps us deliver all your research papers within even the shortest deadline.

Case Study

The most time-consuming tasks of them all – a case study. This is a paper where you have to record and research the development of a particular situation, person or group of people. Call us today and let us handle this paper for you.

Math homework

If you aren’t good with numbers, it doesn’t mean that you’re stupid. You can be a genius chef, an excellent speechmaker, or a great artist. Different people have different talents, but the educational system doesn’t really care. When the struggle with math becomes real – you know who you should call. Not ghostbusters. Please, apply to our service.

Programming assignments

Programming may seem fun for some people, but at the same time, it can be extremely boring for others. Which category do you fall into? In case you’re not a fan of coding, our experts will gladly assist you. We’re available 24/7, and the quality of our work will pleasantly surprise you.

C++ homework

С++ is used to build large software and even computer games. Sounds fun, right? But remember all that glitters isn’t gold… Video games are an exciting way to spend your free time but behind them, there are millions of lines of code – and those aren’t fun at all. If you have difficulties with coding – ask our experts for help.


For some people, speaking or presenting something in front of others is a real pleasure. However, for most students, this is real torture. If you want your speech to be the best it can be, you need a professional to write it.

Editing services

The second pair of eyes on your paper is always a good idea. If you want to impress your professor, what better way to make sure that your paper is excellent than letting a professional editor to help you?

Proofreading services

You can easily miss a mistake in your own paper because you are too attached to it or too tired to proofread it well. Use this opportunity to get your paper proofread at an affordable price.

Article critique

For many students, writing an article critique is harder than writing the article itself. After all, an article critique requires approximately the same amount of research and word length, plus the writing skills necessary to write a critique.

We offer all papers at affordable prices! Order your paper from our company today and enjoy the highest quality content written according to your requirements.



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