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Writing academic papers is a burden on its own, but the idea of having to watch a movie, pause and take notes, and watch it again, is much more challenging. This is exactly what this task demands from the student. Your job is to watch a movie you may or may not like, pause it and take notes, pay attention to every little detail, and later turn all that into writing. After that much trouble, enjoying the movie is hardly even possible.

This is just the smallest issue of them all. Add in movie watching hours, organization and planning, and the writing itself, finish off with some final editing – and you get more time than you actually have. In the middle of study sessions and other papers, who really has the time to write a great movie review?

The answer is – writers at We don’t have all that burden you have that’s preventing you from writing this paper, and we have more than enough experience to get it done perfectly and right on time.

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We can all agree that there is no better person to write your papers than one who has written many similar papers before. That’s exactly what we give you. Each of the movie review pros employed in this company has the following characteristics:

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  • Native command of the English language

Seeing these qualifications demonstrates to you exactly why our writers are the primary choice of so many students worldwide. Not only do we employ them with utmost care and very strict choosing, but we also make sure to get the one that most fits your demands to work on your movie review order. That ensures not just delivery on time, but also quality you can hardly get elsewhere.

The Process of Movie Review Writing

The writing part of this paper is nothing more complex than the writing part of, let’s say essay. But, as any other paper, this paper type has its own specific requirements. When you know the requirements and have seen the movie, the writing part can be very enjoyable.

The most important thing to do in a movie review is not to watch it, but to get the most relevant information from it and include your own opinion into writing. To implement all this in your paper, we follow this process:

Watch the movie

Watching the movie for the purpose of writing a review is nothing like watching it for fun. This is not a movie night where you get popcorn or sit down to have fun. No one forbids it, but the point is – your movie watching must be very focused and often requires taking many breaks. This also means that you need to spend more time than the length of the movie and very often, watch it several times. That’s the first step of our process.

While watching it, the writer will take all kinds of notes. He or she will pay attention to the idea, write down quotes and re-watch some of the most important scenes. They will also note down the characteristics of the actors in the movie, details about the setting, etc.

Write a title and subtitle

Most reviews include both a title and a subtitle. The title should always, always include the movie title. As for the subtitle, we try to come up with a very clever, informative, and yet enticing sentence that gives the reader a reason to read the review in the first place.

Create an introduction

As with any other paper you are asked to write, the introduction of the movie review also includes a hook and a summary. That’s what we do in this step – summarize the movie a bit to make it intriguing, without giving out the most important details. In fact, a good review never reveals the most important details to its reader.

Write the body paragraphs

All body paragraphs include facts, but most importantly, they include opinions. The idea is not to summarize the entire movie but to express your opinion and give an impression that you did a fine job researching for it. That’s what we do in this step.

Conclude the movie review

The final step we take is to make the conclusion. Of course, editing and proofreading always follow, but this is the final step of the actual writing process. In conclusion, we summarize what’s been said and once again create some content that convinces the reader to watch the actual movie.

8 Dreadful Mistakes to Avoid Writing Movie Reviews

Writing a movie review is not so hard, they say. All you have to do is watch it and re-tell the story, they say. Well, that’s not really the purpose of a movie review and learning what not to do in it is equally as important as learning what to include.

So, if you were thinking of doing this, it is time that you learn about the 8 dreadful mistakes that can cost you a fine grade for your movie review.

1. Not Focusing on the Movie

Whenever applicable, you can connect a movie’s plot with some event or another story you’ve seen, but focusing on other things rather than the movie for too long is never a good idea. Avoid any details that aren’t related to the movie and do not introduce irrelevant information.

2. Using the First Person All the Time

Yes, you are the person writing the review, which means that this particular assignment should be a reflection of your opinions, understanding, and experiences. However, this is not a reason to use the first person all the time. Try to mix it up a little, but make sure to focus on your understanding and share it with others.

3. Lacking or Providing Wrong Facts about the Movie

This information usually comes in the introduction of the review, but in the hurry to introduce your opinions and use the notes you’ve taken, you might include wrong or little fact about the movie’s background. It is highly important that you include the movie’s title, director, release date, casting, and other relevant information, and do it correctly.

4. Not Providing Arguments for Your Opinions

As we said, giving out an opinion is highly important. But, your opinions shouldn’t just stand there without the reasons why you have them in the first place. For every opinion, you introduce, use arguments to support it.

5. Sharing Too Much

Sharing the most important things about the movie is a big mistake, especially if you want to convince the reader to see it. Why would they want to see a movie if they know every little detail about the plot and the ending? Share as much as needed to present your opinions, but always keep some secrecy in your review.

6. Poor Structure

A review should fit the original structure: introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion. Always.

7. No Character Analysis

In addition to mentioning the key actors in the movie, you need to also analyze them. This is a part of a review, not a preference of the writer.

8. Too Many Generalities

Let’s face it – your review will have generalities. However, one with too many of these will look vague and non-specific, and you don’t want that. So, avoid phrases like great acting or a good movie. Be more creative with your wording.

A movie review is not re-telling a story that happened in a movie. It is a way to share your experience with the reader so that when they watch the movie, they can either share your opinions or not.

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We cooperate with experienced authors who specialize in writing journalistic or editorial materials so that the finished review will impress the teacher.

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