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Another book to read and review? Oh, the struggles students go through to get high grades! This isn’t your ordinary essay where you research, outline and write. It is a task with two main activities – reading and writing, making it an exhausting assignment that steals the little time students have left to enjoy.

To write a review on a book, you must first read it. And we are not talking about ordinary, hobby-like reading. We are talking about careful, dedicated reading with attention to detail and extensive note taking, meaning that instead of days, you’ll probably spend weeks getting to the final page.

Naturally, this is a luxury to students since most don’t really have the time to go through the first phase, not to mention the second. Reading the book is just the beginning. Then you have to organize those notes, do some research, outline the ideas, and finally write the review.

Since this process is so complicated, many request our popular book review service.

The Process of Writing a Book Review

To give you a quick peek into what we will do for you if you order from, we present you with a list that outlines the process:

Read and research

Our first goal is to get the book and start reading it, all whilst pondering the following points:

  • The general genre or field of the book and whether the book fits this
  • The point of view of the author of the book
  • Your understanding and acceptance of the point of view
  • Most important quotes and passages to use in the review
  • Style of writing (formal, informal, suitable for the audience or not)
  • Is the conclusion convincing?
  • Are all ideas and concepts defined clearly?
  • The accuracy of the presented information
  • Goals and accomplishments of the book
  • The main characters, their roles, and characteristics

Write the review

When writing the review, our writers do the following:

  • Include the book’s title and author, place, publication date and publisher, number of pages, as well as some special features
  • Start with an introduction that hooks the reader and sets the tone of the book review
  • Do not summarize the main happenings of the book to keep the most interesting details for the reader to find in the book
  • Reviewing the book objectively – both positive and negative features and opinions
  • Talk about the main characters, their characteristics, and whether you believe they are credible or not
  • Say if you liked the book or not
  • Summarize by including one final assessment that does not introduce material that hasn’t been discussed in the review

Now that we’ve shortly explained the two parts of the book review writing process, you probably have an idea of how the assignment preparation goes. As with most papers, book reviews also have an introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion, with the difference in purpose of the writing, as well as way of presenting the information.

Thankfully, even if you aren’t experienced in writing it or do not have the time to do so, our writers can get it all together for you and provide the review without anyone knowing your little secret.

5 Hacks for Writing a Book Review in a Hurry

Writing a book review in a hurry? That sounds like an oxymoron. You have to read an entire book to be able to review it, and that takes time, right? If you skipped that part, you assume there’s no chance for you to write a successful book review.

Look; the book review you write without reading a book won’t be as successful as the one you’d write if you read it. But it’s not an impossible mission. We’ll give you five hacks on how to write a book review in a hurry.

1. Watch the Movie

Most of the time, professors ask you to review highly popular books, with proven values over the years. These are the types of books that usually have screen versions.

If you can locate any movie filmed according to that book, watch it. It will take around two hours of your time. That’s much less than the time reading would demand. If it’s a really short book, though, you’ll be better off reading it.

Be careful; the movie may not be true to all events described in the book. Movie makers like to count on their artistic freedom. So search for commentary to see if and how the movie deviates from the book.

2. Read a Summary

Can you find a summary of the book you’re supposed to review? Usually, there are such online resources. Just search well and read the summary instead of reading the actual book. It covers the most important moments of the plot, so you’ll have an idea what to write about.

3. Read Goodreads and Amazon Comments

This is a dirty play, but it might work. Some generous readers always provide great comments on Goodreads and Amazon. Read the most detailed ones. Of course, you won’t copy them! But you’ll get a general idea on how to write your own book review. At least you’ll understand what the book is about, so you can write your own review.

4. Plan What You’ll Write

The above-listed steps were enough to prepare you for the quick process of writing. But first, you’ll need an outline. A book review has to be focused and well-structured, so you should plan what you’ll write in it. It seems like an outline is an additional step that wastes your time, but it actually saves you time by making the writing process simpler.

5. Don’t Forget to Edit!

Did you write it? That’s great! Now you need to read through the review and fix any grammar and style flaws. If you’re unsure about some of the claims you’ve made, search for that part in the book and read it. It won’t take much of your time.

Are you ready to start writing a quick book review? Well, don’t waste your time!

Our Book Review Writing Service

Assignmentholic is praised among thousands of students around the globe, and for many reasons. In addition to our essay writing services, we have a myriad of other things to offer, one of which is our highly-rated book review service.
We list these separately because to actually provide great quality, we employ all kinds of experts in all fields and academic levels. This ensures paper quality and timely delivery and also helps us select an expert who can handle your task within hours, if necessary.

To be able to deliver a book review when a student demands this paper, we have writers in our team who have the time to read the book, take notes, do some research, and are skilled in writing this specific piece of paper. In our reviews, you won’t be finding irrelevant information or revealed details that should remain hidden. After all, the goal of a book review is to criticize or praise a writing, express an opinion about a book and summarize the key points, not tell the reader what happens in the book and ruin their reading experience.

Our book reviews demonstrate writing skills and dedication on your behalf but still remain enticing enough to make the reader want to read the book. To do this, the writers follow a very strict guide and double-check their writing several times before claiming the last version. When we are done doing all this, the review is sent to you and is ready to be submitted.

Most importantly, Assignmentholic isn’t the greatest service just because of quality. We enjoy such popularity and trust from our customers because of our fair pricing and guarantees, too, all of which makes this service legit, trustworthy and affordable.

Use this opportunity to get your review at a rate that won’t leave you penniless or cost you a fine grade. With the expertise of the book review writers and our careful selection of the same, you can sit back and be rest assured that the delivered review will be perfect enough to submit it without even looking at it.

The more trust and loyalty you show us, the more generous we will get. We don’t forget to award those who choose to trust us in the first place, but our loyalty program is why students stick around and remain our customers for years until they finish their education.

Don’t wait another minute! The sooner you order a review, the better we can write it and the lower price we can charge you for it. Order now and enjoy the writings of experts at Assignmentholic!

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