Top 100 Research Paper Topics for 2019

Finding topics to write a research paper on is not as tough as it seems, especially when there are lists like ours on the Internet. Ask for our assignment help to get free time for more interesting things.

If you are looking for topics to write a research paper on, then start with topics that are very well covered on the Internet.

For example, art topics for research papers are difficult to write because very few people post their art research papers or their art topics for research papers on the Internet. Find a topic that is well covered on the Internet, and you will be able to take points from the papers you find and make the points your own. Even though new and original topics sound exciting, they are often very difficult to research, which makes your writing job far harder than it should be.

The most popular research paper topics in 2019

Cyber Crime Research Paper Topics

One of the reasons why cybercrime research paper topics are a rich area for exploration is because students can score very highly with this topic. Most research papers are completed for sake of completing them, which means they do not push the issue forward in any way. However, cybercrime is an evolving subject; from securing bitcoin offline to cracking fingerprint passwords. A University student can tackle the issue and maybe even push the subject forward enough to warrant publication in the academic press.

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Climate Change Research Paper Topics

Most Universities are left-leaning, which means if you write a research paper on any of the climate change research paper topics and you conclude that the world is doomed, then you are guaranteed a top score. What’s more, many students have already figured this out, so they have written research papers on the subject, got their top scores, and then sold their papers after graduation whereupon the papers have ended up on the Internet.

The Google Scholar tool is loaded with easily accessible research papers on climate change, which means all you have to do is a little bit of rewriting in order to get your top score. Even if you do not rewrite and you go the organic route, you can still copy the sources that other people have used to save you a lot of research time.

Why Are Mental Health Research Paper Topics So Popular

Society seems to have a very blinkered view on people who are bad. For some reason, society has taken that view that all people are good, and if one cannot explain a reason why they are bad, then they must be mentally ill.

Despite the notion being foolish, the fact is that the notion has made mental health topics a hot issue, which is probably why mental health research paper topics have become so popular. Even research papers on pop psychology seem to be creeping into academia. For example, ten years ago you couldn’t get a top score for explaining female infidelity as part of an identity crisis, but these days such a topic would earn you a good score on your paper.

The Hottest Research Paper Topics 2019 Has to Offer

Yet again, the hottest research paper topics 2019 has to offer are all related to the technologist. Write a research paper about technology topics, and you will be joining the legions of other students who are doing the same. The best research paper topics in computer science are scoring top marks for three reasons.

  • Firstly, there is always something mildly new to cover.
  • Secondly, there are epics amounts of information online about new technologies.
  • Thirdly, the newer technology is, then the less your professor knows about it, which means he or she is likely to take your word for it and grade you appropriately.

Write a research paper about technology topics and take advantage of the sort of news coverage it receives. Fox News is a massive company, and it has reporters living and working exclusively in Silicon Valley to enable them to get the biggest and newest technology scoops as they happen. The best research paper topics in computer science will include recent issues that somehow relate back to the course content; do not forget that your professor/teacher needs some indication that you are taking in and understanding the course content.

A subsection of students is doing well with computer architecture research paper topics simply because of the variety that now exists in the computing world. In the old days, students writing about computer architecture research paper topics were a little restricted as to what they may write about, but these days a student has plenty of options and plenty of online resources to get high-scoring information.

The Top Research Paper Topics in 2019

  1. Can a bad dream change a person’s mood for an entire week?
  2. Is workplace productivity genuinely affected by smartphone use?
  3. What are the top ten methods for saving our local environment?
  4. What do we gain by using social networks?
  5. Is there a way to stop girls from getting pregnant so young?
  6. How do we really know if there is life on Mars?
  7. Should children who do well at school be given less homework?
  8. Is it worth it going on the Keto diet?
  9. Does having a curfew really help children become better adults?
  10. Substance abuse and how it affects your friends and family
  11. Why do we need to learn about GATT documents?
  12. The good and bad reasons to erase someone’s memory
  13. Is Google search making people dumb and lazy?
  14. The pros and cons of hunting wild deer?
  15. What impact have humans had on the rain forests?
  16. What are the pros and cons of using Genetically modified foods?
  17. What is the proof that breast cancer screening will help identify the early stages of cancer?
  18. Steps to take when you are having a mental breakdown
  19. What did World War II do to help improve women rights?
  20. Why do some people think they have brain chips in their heads?
  21. In which ways did math change the world?
  22. In the past few decades, how has the earth’s climate changed for us?
  23. What are the effects, consequences, and causes of earthquakes?
  24. How many times should a dog be walked in a week?
  25. Was Duma’s Three Musketeers really fiction, or was it based on real events?
  26. NASA’s top failures and successes
  27. How to lose weight and keep it off
  28. Where does the money go when we give to charity?
  29. Does pastoral or religious counseling really help?
  30. Why is hard work the only way to achieve success in this world?
  31. Should people start saving for college tuition once their child is born?
  32. How do authors use metaphors and similes?
  33. What did the Catholic church do to upset Martin Luther?
  34. The types of stem cells and what they are used for
  35. What happened to the flying car once Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets ended?
  36. Twenty things we can do to stop animal testing?
  37. Ways to help blind children learn and grow in school
  38. What ingredients are used hot dogs, and why?
  39. How can we stop sexually-transmitted diseases from spreading?
  40. How to prevent becoming addicted to playing computer games
  41. Why should we ban math contests in high schools?
  42. Which television programs do you think are the best?
  43. Who would win in a fight the Hulk or Captain America?
  44. How does pop culture effect young people?
  45. How much should one person exercise per week?
  46. A different way to stop getting bullied at school
  47. How healthy is cow’s milk?
  48. How can we stop the police using drones to record people’s private life?
  49. Do children learn better outside rather than inside a classroom?
  50. Top ways to save trees and reduce the amount of paper we use
  51. Does going to preschool will help children later on in their lives?
  52. Could of we have prevented the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina?
  53. Should hanging be bought back?
  54. Who is the best Avenger and why?
  55. Who started the Civil War?
  56. Reasons why donating organs for money is a bad idea
  57. What would the world look like without wars?
  58. How driving cars makes us fat
  59. In what way will self-driving cars change the way people live their lives?
  60. Gambling and how it destroys people lives
  61. How teaching first aid in schools could save lives
  62. Is having gay parents is a good thing?
  63. What don’t we know about GMO food and how beneficial is it?
  64. Pros and cons of having metal detectors in schools
  65. Why is Red Redemption such a fantastic game on the PS4?
  66. Why gender roles should remain the same in children’s books and cartoons
  67. Who thinks watching the Twilight movie ruined reading the books?
  68. What long-term effect does insomnia have on people’s health?
  69. How to control PMS
  70. Over the past centuries and decades, how has the Catholic church’s power changed?
  71. Are the government allowed to hide certain information on the internet?
  72. How do we stop radioactive disposal in the sea?
  73. In the past few decades, how has climate effected not affected the world?
  74. What do music and math have in common?
  75. What is the most used technology in a school?
  76. Are VHS video and players going to make a comeback?
  77. Who got in the way of Cleopatra ruling of Egypt and why?
  78. Why social networking should be banned from schools?
  79. Teen literacy and how text messaging has made matters worse
  80. Workforce reduction and how we must fight it
  81. Do doctors really care about their patients?
  82. How gaming exercises the mind while damaging it at the same time
  83. Does therapy work?
  84. Standardized tests and the meaning behind them?
  85. Why eating disorders can lead to death
  86. Do Greek letter societies exist in this day and age?
  87. How explicit video games affect an adult’s mood?
  88. Was Alexander the Great the top military general of all time?
  89. Why was the Victorian period time for a change?
  90. How sleep disorders affect mental health?
  91. Homeschooling, is it really worth it?
  92. Is fan fiction better than published fiction?
  93. Should pregnant celebrity money from photos go to charity?
  94. Does playing dirty at work really work?
  95. Ways to start a business if you have no money
  96. What are the stages for making a music video?
  97. Is going vegan the healthier way to live?
  98. Pros and Cons for free range parenting
  99. Should children be taught to defend themselves in schools?
  100. Who created the Salem Witch Trails?
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