52 Persuasive Speech Topics and Ideas

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In most cases, coming up with a topic for your essay is one of the most difficult things during the writing process. This is quite true when it comes to writing a persuasive speech. You not only have to come up with a convincing argument but also present it in a way that will sway readers to your side. It can be difficult to write a speech that resonates with your readers at a level you’d like to achieve when you don’t use AssignmentHolic. However, coming up with a good topic is one of the best places to start.

When choosing a persuasive topic, you need to ensure that you can prepare it with the least amount of resistance. Your audience should care enough about the topic to listen to you. And you should always go for something that hasn’t been overdone. There are three types of unique speech topics as listed on AssignmentHolic:

  • Factual persuasive topic: Uses facts and figures to prove if a topic is true or false
  • Policy persuasive topic: Speeches that are focused on advancing laws and policies
  • Value persuasive topic: Focuses on the moral perspective

In this post, we are going to share 52 categorized persuasive speech topics and ideas. Let’s get started!

  1. Should learning institutions offer science courses on mental health?
  2. Are GPAs harming students?
  3. Should learners be allowed to use their smartphones in class?
  4. Should America ban Greek Life in its learning institutions?
  5. Should undergraduate students access free education?
  6. Should learning institutions be allowed to educate students on standardized testing?


  1. Should learning institutions have courses on physical education?
  2. Should college athletes generate revenue by selling their merchandise?
  3. Should sports teams recruit athletes without a college qualification?
  4. What sports should be removed or included in the Olympics?
  5. Should student sport grades be dependent on things such as mile time or athletic ability?
  6. Should learners participating in sports get a steroid test?


  1. Should undocumented immigrants have similar learning and employment opportunities as normal citizens?
  2. Should public restrooms in the country be unisex?
  3. Should the national drinking age be increased or lowered?
  4. Should supremacist groups be allowed to hold public functions?
  5. Should everyone receive a living wage regardless of whether they are employed or not?
  6. Should people use guns in public places for instance learning institutions?


  1. In what ways is in-person bullying similar to cyberbullying?
  2. Is paper media more relevant and reliable than digital sources of news?
  3. Should nations legalize self-driving cars?
  4. Should schools provide digital gadgets to students?
  5. Should euthanasia be allowed in clinical settings and hospitals?
  6. Should software organizations be allowed to have pre-downloaded apps and programs on their devices?


  1. Should breeding pets such as cats and dogs be made illegal?
  2. Should stores start charging clients who destroy the environment with plastic bags?
  3. Should every restaurant be required to use compost bins?
  4. Would heavy fines reduce the emission rate of corporations?
  5. Should electric vehicles be required to use a different transportation infrastructure?
  6. Should people who don’t recycle be fined?


  1. How many government branches should be there for nations to function effectively?
  2. Should a bigger portion of the US budget go to learning institutions?
  3. Should screening at the airport be less or more stringent?
  4. Who is the worst or best president of all time?
  5. Should electoral colleges be done away with?
  6. Should the nation pump money into rapid transcontinental infrastructure?


  1. Should priests and nuns have genderless roles?
  2. Should students be required to say the pledge of allegiance, sing Christmas carols, or perform other activities that are deemed religious?
  3. Should public buildings and learning institutions have prayer rooms?
  4. Should animal sacrifice in a religious context be legalized?
  5. Should nations impose a national religion on its inhabitants?


  1. Should every award show be focused on popular votes?
  2. Should magazines and newspapers shift to the digital world completely?
  3. Should television show and movies have gender and ethnicity quotas?
  4. Should online streaming services like Hulu and Netflix be free to learners?
  5. Should every actor be paid the same regardless of ethnicity or gender?
  6. Who should pay taxes on won money, the contestants, or the game show staff?

Arts and humanities

  1. Should all learning institutions have mandatory music and art courses in their curriculum?
  2. Are school libraries becoming archaic?
  3. Is it ethically right for museums to hold onto national artifacts?
  4. Should digital designs be considered a form of art?
  5. Should offensive language be removed or censored from literal works?

Picking a persuasive speech topic

What are some of the factors that you should consider before choosing any of the persuasive topics listed above?


It can be difficult to find good persuasive speech topics that you are genuinely passionate about especially if you are required to give speeches regularly. However, you should ensure that you are passionate about what you’re speaking about. If you are genuinely passionate about a specific topic, the research, formation of arguments and delivery will become easy.

That said, don’t choose a topic that’s too specialized within your interests so that your readers can relate to it. For instance, if you are talking about an endangered species or a specific Star Wars episode, you run a high risk of losing your audience.

You need to align your topic with the interests of your readers. Finding something good here will go a long way in keeping you and your audience engaged as you deliver your speech.

Avoid clichés

There are great persuasive topics that are used in speeches. However, most of them are not original. They include topics such as climate change and abortion. While these topics are important and relevant, their prominence shows that most people have already formed an opinion. Therefore, they are not the best choice when it comes to choosing a persuasive topic.

According to psychologists, people are less receptive to new information after forming an opinion on something. This is especially true for topics that have been discussed for years. Therefore, you should avoid such topics because you don’t know the stand of your audience. And this can negatively affect the reception of your speech.

Is the topic arguable?

You also need to ensure that your topic is controversial enough to spark an argument. You should avoid topics that have multiple viewpoints or lack opposition since you will have a hard time generating an original and persuasive approach. For example, arguing that school lunch is healthy for students is not debatable. If you want to come up and deliver an engaging and interesting speech, there needs to be another opinion or viable side.


As you have seen, there are lots of interesting topics for persuasive speech to choose from. All the topics that we’ve discussed here will be relevant for years to come. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a persuasive speech topic, you have unlimited choices. Before you start working on your speech, you need to ensure that you’ve chosen a topic that you’re genuinely passionate about and one that can spark an argument. You also need to avoid clichés if you want your audience to be interested in your arguments.

Most importantly do not hesitate to seek the assignment help of Assignmentholic.co.uk when working on your persuasive speech assignment. By following the recommendations in this article, you’ll get good grades and achieve your academic goals.

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