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Art history is such a nice field that can contribute to your enlightenment. But at the same time, it is a domain so vast that if you need to choose a topic for your essay, you can easily get lost. On top of this, you also need to search for art research paper topics and conduct a literature review to find out more. The history of art can be sorted into periods or genres, but its inception dates centuries ago. This means that there are over 2000 years in which art has developed and was shaped by the great thinkers of the period.

The history of art dates back to the times when our ancestors have painted the cave walls. Back to the times when Egyptians have built their pyramids and temples. Back to the time when Aztecs were still alive. Our world is full of works of art and sources of inspiration and getting to know more about the artists that shaped and defined art as we know it is essential.

Thankfully, we have come to your help. Art history expert writers from AssignmentHolic have united their forces and ideas and have built this impressive list with the best art history topics for your essay. They will help you gain more knowledge on the subject, but also help you stand out with one of the most interesting art history research paper topics.

Controversial art history topics

  1. Are Russian icons different from the others? Which are the differences and similarities with other icons around the world?
  2. Which is the most influential painting of Dali and why?
  3. Evaluate the rise of art fairs in the last decade.
  4. What is the art critique world saying about the pictures of Hitler?
  5. Which are the most controversial art pieces in the world and why?
  6. What is the future of art?

Ancient civilizations art history topics

  1. What is the value the pyramids add to art?
  2. Evaluate and analyze the development and construction of the Great Wall of China or Taj Mahal.
  3. Did science have an influence on the Greek sculptors?
  4. What are the features of Aztec art?
  5. How is prehistoric art represented? Which objects have been found as remains from ancient civilizations?
  6. What are the most iconic examples of ancient art?
  7. What are the most famous objects of Babylonian art?
  8. What are the main differences between the pyramids of Giza and the Chichen Itza?
  9. What caused the Roman artistic shifts?

Renaissance art history topics

  1. Who are the godfathers of the Renaissance?
  2. The biblical leitmotifs in Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings.
  3. Why has Mona Lisa become so popular?
  4. How did painting and music intertwine during the Renaissance period?
  5. What are the three major periods of the Renaissance?
  6. How was humanism nurtured by the Renaissance?
  7. How did the Renaissance principles and discoveries change people’s perspective on the world?
  8. Discuss the emergence of Florence during the Renaissance.
  9. Which are the elements that define Gothic architecture?
  10. Which were the standards when it comes to beauty or clothing during the middle ages?
  11. Discuss the importance of the Harlem Renaissance for the history of art.
  12. Why are there so many religious symbols present in the works of art of Renaissance artists?

18th-century art history topics

  1. What was a popular theme in 18th-century art painting?
  2. Which are the key figures of the Age of Enlightenment?
  3. What did the Age of Enlightenment represent for the artists in Europe?
  4. What are the five major characteristics of Baroque art?
  5. Which are some of the most well-known paintings of Rembrandt?
  6. What is the impact of the Dutch Golden Age of painting on the Baroque style of painting?
  7. Discuss the differences between Rococo and Baroque art styles.
  8. Who are Madame de Pompadour and her role in promoting the Rococo art style?
  9. Draw a parallel between Italian and French Rococo.
  10. Which are the most iconic novels for the 18th century?

19th-century art history topics

  1. What are four art styles that dominated the 19th century?
  2. Analyze the colors used by Vincent van Gogh in his painting “Starry Night”.
  3. Evaluate and present the main painting techniques used by Vincent van Gogh.
  4. Why were the paintings of Edouard Manet so harshly critiqued at the beginning? What made art critiques change their opinion?
  5. What are the main factors that caused art to change in the 19th century?
  6. Which are the hallmarks of the impressionist style and its godfathers?
  7. Discuss how Romanticism has developed in the same age as the French Revolution and the implications of this synchronization.
  8. Analyze the development of dark romanticism and the genres is often confounded with and why.

20th-century art history topics

  1. What are the characteristics of modernism and how has this genre shaped art as we know it today?
  2. Discuss and analyze the main directions of modern art in Europe.
  3. Are there any differences between Art Deco and Art Nouveau? Briefly present them.
  4. Which are the typical ornamental characteristics of the Art Nouveau style?
  5. What symbols did Frida Kahlo use the most in her paintings?
  6. What techniques did Salvador Dali use in his paintings?
  7. Discuss and present how Dali has incorporated surrealism in his sculptures.
  8. Analyze the color psychology of any painter in the 20th century. Take for example Kazimir Malevich, Pablo Picasso, or Frida Kahlo.
  9. How has the relationship with Gala influenced the style of painting of Salvador Dali?
  10. How has Picasso developed cubism?
  11. Discuss the ascension of Constantin Brancusi and his most important sculptures.
  12. Which are the forces that shaped modernism?
  13. What are the characteristics of Fauvism and how it has changed the art world?
  14. Discuss the color psychology of some of the most iconic paintings for Fauvism. Choose for example “Woman with a hat”, ”The dessert: harmony in red”, or “Portrait of Madame Matisse. The green line”, all by Henry Matisse.
  15. Which are the artists that best represent the 20th-century classical music scene?
  16. How did music change in the 20th century?
  17. Which are the classic songs that define the 20th century?

Choosing a topic for your essay is not an easy task, especially when you need to choose from the wide domain of art history. This is because when we speak about art, we do not only think about painters, but about writers, sculptors, musicians, actors, and other artists as well. The history of art is a vast domain that offers you a wide array of choices for your research paper. Every topic is interesting and adds value and more knowledge, but how do you get to decide which one you will do your research on?

No matter if you have already chosen your topic and only need help with writing it or you need a second opinion regarding your topic choice, our British assignment writers here at AssignmentHolic are ready to help you. We have dedicated expert writers who have a good command of the history of art and are ready and willing to help you. If you need help with writing, proofreading, editing, research, or other tasks related to your research paper, we are eager to help you, 24/7.

We know that the history of art can be a challenging domain for many students, especially because it is so wide. Depending on what period you want to focus on, you can choose an artist or an art genre to focus on. And we can help you write the best research paper.

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