Types of Certificate and Diplomas of Higher Education

For some people, school is a necessary experience and time to get through in life that you leave as soon as you are old enough to, happy with your graduation diploma and your exam results and ready to move on the next working chapter in your life. For, others, however, learning is something that comes incredibly naturally, and in many cases, those who are academically gifted and motivated choose to go onto higher education in the form of college, university, and postgraduate study. Of course, the more you study, the more qualifications you end up with, and there is a multitude of higher education diplomas that are up for grabs in lots of different fields and sectors. No matter what your particular academic passions are, there is definitely a diploma of higher education that will be able to further your career ambitions. Here is a rundown of the different types of certificate of higher education and diploma of higher education from Assignment Holic UK writing service that a person can attain in the United Kingdom.

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

A Bachelor of Arts, or BA, degree is a higher education diploma that you receive if you have studied an arts or humanities subject. These include, but are not necessarily limited to, subjects like English, history, geography, philosophy, economics, linguistics, political science and sociology. In this country, attaining a BA certificate of higher education involves a three-year university course, at the end of which you receive your diploma in higher education if your dissertation and exams results warrant a pass level. In general, to this day a Bachelor of Arts degree remains the most common certificate of higher education received by students across the country.

popular bachelor's degrees and abbreviations in the UK

Bachelor of Education (BEd)

This is a specialized diploma of higher education that is awarded to students who have completed a dedicated teacher training degree course. The purpose of the degree is to prepare students for work as teachers in schools. The length of the degree varies between three years and four years depending on the chosen university, but no matter the time spent studying, all roads lead to a Bachelor of Education and Qualified Teacher Status (known also as QTS). Though a popular diploma in higher education, it is important to note that a BEd is not the only avenue for a student who has ambitions of becoming a teacher.

Bachelor of Science (BSc)

As the title suggests, a Bachelor of Science degree is the qualification given when a student has finished a university course pertaining to any subject with a scientific approach. Due to the intricate nature of some science-related study, these degrees can vary from the traditional three years up to five years depending on the choice of topic. You can expect to be studying for a BsC rather than a BA if your chosen subjects include mathematics, physics, chemistry, physiology, biology, and botany.

Bachelor of Law (LLB)

Another one that is easy to guess by its title, a Bachelor of Law degree is the qualification that people aim to attain if they intend to pursue a career within an elevated position of the legal profession. In order to become a solicitor or a barrister, you need to be on this track during your university years, this isn’t a degree/career path that is as flexible as, for example, a BA or a BSc. There are opportunities for students on other degree paths to incorporate some aspects of the LLB into their overall studies, but this is not as common as picking one route or the other.

No matter what type of higher education diploma you decide to choose for yourself, the main thing that is that you commit to doing the hard work that it takes to actually receive the degree at the end of your university experience. University can be difficult, after all, it isn’t meant to be easy. There will most likely be times when the workload and the deadlines get on top of you and rather than buckling under the pressure, it is always a better idea to offload some of the assignments to concentrate on others. A firm like AssignmentHolic is perfect for that, a trustworthy essay writing service that can cater to all academic needs in a professional and timely manner. Students should be open and willing to explore all areas of help in order to reach their ultimate ambitions for a diploma in higher education and come out with a career-defining degree at the end of it.

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