Case Study Research: Design and Methods

What is a case study? It is the thorough examination of an event, of a piece of work, of a person, or of a study. Case studies have many uses, and they are often used in colleges and Universities as a teaching tool. They are often used as a way to justify a piece of research. For example, if you wish to prove that something needs researching, you may conduct a number of case studies to make your point.

What is a Case Study?

what is a case study

In most cases, a case study exists to provide insights into further research and to provide detailed and rich qualitative information. There are times when case studies permit the investigation of unethical or impractical situations. Also, You can get case study writing help at Assignment Holic Company.

The limitations of a case study are that it is difficult to replicate, and/or the subject is sometimes difficult to replicate. Also, case studies are time-consuming, and incorrect research is both common and a big waste of time. The things you discover in a case study may help create insights, but there are many occasions where what you learn cannot be applied to a wider population. For example, the symptoms for one person’s high-functioning autism may differ quite significantly to those of another person because of nurture over nature.

Another big problem with case studies is that a researchers’ own biases often interfere with the process. This is not always a bad thing, especially when the calculation of larger pools of information can lead to a form of numbness and sterility in research, nevertheless, a researchers’ own feelings may come into play. For example, with high functioning autism, a researcher may describe such a person as rude and unlikeable simply because he or she didn’t like the person who was featured in the case study.

Case Study Research: Design and Methods

What is a case study method? There are many forms a case study can take, especially if you have people who you may interview. However, when most students ask, “What is a case study method?” they often receive a reply that requires a lot of textbook reading and book reading and online reading. In many cases, a college and/or University student simply collects information and inputs it into their case study design.

Your case study design should feature a lot of traditional research. For example, if you were completing a case study on how Chinese industry is choking the life out of the planet, then it would not be feasible for you as a student to go over there and measure air quality in areas with heavy industry and areas without heavy industry. You would probably have to stick to the reports given out by world organizations and the Chinese, which brings you to your biggest problem.

The biggest problem you will face with your case study is the quality of your evidence. For example, the Chinese government doesn’t issue correct reports about its pollution because it runs risks of international sanctions, so it simply doesn’t measure its pollution. Yet, attempts by other world bodies to record pollution is often sealed, censored, or marginalized so that the research teams are unable to get accurate reports and readings. This means that your case study on Chinese pollution has to be incomplete and/or flawed because of the information at your disposal.

If you are looking for a high mark for your case study, then you can still write case studies about things such as Chinese pollution, but you have to make it clear that there are gaps in your knowledge. You have to make it known that there are parts of your case study that will always be incomplete or inconclusive because of your lack of reliable resources. If you can prove what you are saying, and prove it is not simply a case of your poor-quality research, then there is no reason why you still shouldn’t receive a high mark. After all, colleges and Universities should care about accuracy over results. If there are parts of your case study that are missing because of lack of sources/evidence, then it doesn’t harm your grade/marks if you can correctly explain it.

The Mark of a Great Case Study

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